Pet rabbit rides the plane like a boss, flies in business class

Coco, a registered emotional support pet, flew better than most of us during a trip from San Francisco to Kyoto.

Although the flight happened back in 2018, photos of the rabbit living (traveling) the high life are still going viral online.

Pictured below is Coco on an airplane seat with champagne, croissant, and nuts.

Ogawa Takako, the CEO of analytics startup Panalyt Japan, owns Coco.

“I was returning to Japan, resigning from to start my new career. I couldn’t leave her in the States, so I took her back with me,” Ogawa said to Insider.

Prior to this, Ogawa worked for Google and brought Coco along with her from Japan to the United States.

Since Coco is a registered emotional support pet, she can be brought during flight. In this case, it costs only  $100 to bring Coco.

Fortunately, later in the flight, an attendant told Ogawa that there would be nobody sitting beside her on the 11-hour flight. Therefore, Coco was allowed to use the seat beside Ogawa.

“I thought it was super nice of the flight attendants to let her use the unoccupied cubicle next to me, and for bringing her treats throughout the trip,” said Ogawa.

Coco was quite behaved but Ogawa still carried pet sheets in case she makes a mess.

Ogawa said that it doesn’t seem like Coco will be flying anymore because the rabbit might be getting too old to fly, as she is almost nine years old.

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