Dog Training from Pet Centrics: Effective Obedience Training for Your Dogs

Dog Training from Pet Centrics: Effective Obedience Training for Your Dogs


Move over, Cesar Millan. Dog owners don’t have to appear on The Dog Whisperer to train their dogs when in Manila!


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Pet Centrics is the perfect solution to all dog-related issues, whether about potty training, self-control or even vaccinations and regular check-ups.

Dr. Mary Rose Magpily—Doc Marose to her students and fellow dog lovers—started her home-based business after taking her canine behavior training in the US and Canada. A well-qualified veterinarian herself, she provides dog training, behavior consultation and in-home veterinary services within Quezon City.

Joining Pet Centrics‘ training classes provides dog owners an opportunity to learn important lessons and experiencing valuable bonding moments with their pets. In my case, I signed up for the Basic Obedience Group Class for Beginners, which was a godsend I might add, since my darling Ewok was just at the right age for it.


Pet Centrics Basic Obedience Class for Beginners


Before Ewok can qualify, Doc Marose first had to assess her behavior and overall temperament. We also had to show proof that Ewok has already had her vaccinations and tick and flea preventative.

So we went to the training venue at Bird’s Eye Multi-Purpose Hall in Filinvest 2, Quezon City early in the morning, and thankfully, Ewok passed. However, the Dr did note that Ewok was extremely shy and lacked experience in socialization.

In spite of that setback, Ewok and I were determined to learn everything necessary to raise and keep her well-behaved and help her overcome her fear of strangers. The course, I have found, provided owners ample opportunity to learn basic training terminology, distraction proofing techniques and socialization. 

The entire course was designed to help dogs learn the fundamentals: How to perform and comply with simple instructions for sitting,  laying down and standing up, as well as learn loose-leash walking and impulse control. Through operant conditioning, anyone with enough patience and the right attitude can train their dogs to behave accordingly.

On the first day of training, Ewok was clearly out of her element, shy and easily frightened. Her alarming behavior was evident until the second session, but she eventually gained a good amount of confidence as we went through the series of activities and assignments.


Baby Ewok - Ethel Merioles

Knowing how WhenInManila readers just absolutely adore dogs, here’s a picture of Ewok when she was still a young pup.


Ewok at 8 months

And here’s a recent picture of Ewok. Her favorite command is “Sit”!


Pet Centrics Dog Training Area

At the venue


Pet Centrics Dog Training Venue

With the other dog owners 


Pet Centrics Socialization Activity

Socialization time after graduation! From left to right: Belgian Malinois, Siberian Husky, Golden Retriever


Pet Centrics Socialization

   Ewok Graduating Pet Centrics Basic Obedience Class  Graduation after 6 sessions! Thank you, Doc Marose!



Obedience training requires teamwork. Thankfully Ewok trusts me enough to learn the basics! At first I was really worried that her lack of socialization would be an issue, but it was not. We still need to work on a lot of the commands we learned from Doc Marose, though!

High value treats are important! Always have on hand treats that your pet dog finds irresistible. Tasty treats like chicken liver and cheese help motivate pets to complete complex tasks. With Ewok, error rate is reduced at home when there are tasty treats available and her mom and brother are nowhere in sight. With the obedience training classes, several lessons are already covered in each 2-hour session, and activities are done on site so it’s important that you always have your treats with you!

Consistency is key. Dogs just seem to love routine. Maintaining a regular schedule can help satisfy a pet dog, and it seems like a good way to prevent bad behavior. Regular practice helps too, of course.


Having trouble yourself with your rowdy dog or puppy? Pet Centrics offers different classes for both puppies and dogs when in Manila.




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Dog Training from Pet Centrics: Effective Obedience Training for Your Dogs