Perks Of Being A “When In Manila” Contributor


Perks Of Being A “When In Manila” Contributor
 is one of the top online sites in the country that currently gets over 300,000 views per month along with a very active community of over 80,000 fans on (where we reach up to 4 Million people per week) and over 125,000 followers on  (numbers as of Aug 2o12 and rising)


We were awarded the title of being the #1 Emerging Influential Blog for 2010 and just recently named as one of the Rotary’s 10 Tourism Awardees for 2012, an honor shared with the likes of Zobel Ayala, Andrew Tan (chairman of Mega World & owner of Resorts World), Miguel Belmote (CEO of the Philippine Star) and more, for the 2012 batch. We were also recently awarded an Annie for making “significant positive contributions to our culture and society” along with Hindy Tantoco, Tim Yap, Elmo Magalona, Lovi Poe, Team Manila, and more.


Numbers aside, here are some more personal and practical reasons on why it’s so much fun to be part of our community! Here are the  Top 5 Perks of Being a Contributor:





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1. You get to be invited to events.


If you’re just starting your own blog, I highly recommend that you join WhenInManila. With over 81,000 Facebook Fans and 120,000 Twitter followers (and growing), you will get the chance of a lifetime to be invited to the most exciting events and build connections. More contacts = More invites.










2. Free Coaching.


WhenInManila is not just about blogging. It is a community of contributors/writers who simply just want to share their experiences. It doesn’t matter if you’ve written 100 posts or just one – WIM team is always ready to give you free coaching – whether it’s about writing, SEO tips, blogging, Social Media, or just about anything (love life maybe?)







3. Get Hired.


You’ll be surprised by the power of Social Media (and When In Manila). You just might land your dream job after joining the team. No kidding, it’s highly possible. There are writers who have already been hired with the help of WIM 🙂





4. Best Experiences for FREE.


Awesome romantic getaways for FREE await you and your loved one – all expense paid trip to write about your experience in EL NIDO, PALAWAN; Or, adrenaline-pumping Car Drifting lessons. These are just some examples of how you can get the best experiences for FREE when you join the team.









5. Gain New Friends


For me, this is the most rewarding perk you can get from joining WhenInManila. The team is composed of the most talented and fun people in the community. Nerds are welcome. Rockers are welcome. Whoever and whatever you are,  we’d love to  meet YOU!!! I can’t wait for the next meet and greet night – wine and cheese night, poker night, etcetera, etcetera… 







So what you waiting for?


When In Manila, or anywhere in the world, why not share your stories with one of the fastest growing online communities! Get to meet loads of people, experience exclusive events and get experiences that’ll last a lifetime! For more information about writing for, email our Managing Editor – 


More info here –








Perks Of Being A “When In Manila” Contributor



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