Perfect Combination: Coffee & Calligraphy At SM BF

Everyone is always on the go in Manila, and we rarely pump the breaks to smell the fresh flowers or appreciate life.

Backyard Coffee

And, when we do have the time, we either sit in a coffee shop and doodle at the same time.

As luck would have it, SM BF is the perfect place to rekindle with your activities. Visit SM BF today at ground floor Atrium until January 22, 2017.

SM Callig

Free use of calligraphy items when you buy Coffee from our participating tenants. This is daily, Jan 9-22, 10 am-9 pm.

SM also have FREE calligraphy workshop on Jan 14, 18 and 21, 6-8pm.

SM Calig

And, the good news is, NO REGISTRATION FEE!


All you just have to do is to visit SM BF, at the Atrium on the date of the workshop, so you can register and reserve your seat by buying a coffee and pastries from our participating tenants.

First come first serve. By they way, you may bring your own kit. We are looking forward to reaching fellow Calligraphy lovers out there!

Are you into calligraphy too?