People Will Work Better For Pizza Than Money, According To Study!

If you feel that you would work for pizza, it seems that research is confirming that this would be true!

Pizza-world-2-Photo 11-06-2016, 2 09 32 AM

A research conducted at Duke University found that employees who were promised an incentive of free pizza worked harder than if they were offered cash bonuses!

The study was conducted in Israel, where one group of workers received messages telling them that they would receive a special prize if they got a certain amount of work done. Another group was informed that they would receive $30 after finishing a particular task, and a third group received an encouraging text from their boss, and were promised free pizza. The last group did not receive any incentives or rewards.

The results? The pizza group had the most impressive figures, increasing 6.7 percent in output, versus the cash bonus group’s 4.9 percent increase in productivity.

The real culprit in better work performance, however? Making staff feel appreciated at work. While extrinsic motivators like a bonus can cease to have meaning, receiving appreciation sticks.

Thoughts on this? Will you work harder for pizza?