People who take too much selfies are destroying these Sunflower Fields

There was once news about a sunflower maze opening in the Philippines and unfortunately, I wasn’t able to visit it. Also, I always found it beautiful whenever UP Diliman students pose with their sunflowers. Undeniably, these flowers look stunning in pictures and they look even better in person. But like any other living thing, we must remember to treat it with the utmost respect.


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In California, many tourists have been chasing after the perfect selfie or instagram-worthy post that may have lead them into neglecting their actions as they trample farmer’s fields which causes the farm to suffer.

After numerous reports that sunflower crops were being repeatedly stepped on, a sheriff department made a public service announcement on social media which said: “As alluring as a picturesque sunflower field may be to a dedicated selfie seeker, farmers in Solano County are asking visitors to PLEASE respect their property when they’re trying to snap that perfect shot.”

The residents and farmers of Solano County have been distressed by the numerous visitors that disregard the boundaries of the fields where the tourists even set up a picnic like its public property.

“They’re having picnics, wine, and cheese right there in the corner and I’m going ‘Really?’” a sunflower farmer, Craig Ginos, told CBS Sacramento.

Here’s a friendly reminder to be respectful and considerate to everyone and everything~

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