People Of Boracay Need YOUR Help In Reaching Leo DiCaprio To Save Boracay

Don’t we all love Boracay? One of the best beaches not just in the country but in the entire world, Boracay has truly become a premier destination for all tourists worldwide coming to enjoy the natural beauty of our very own. But to some of us, Boracay is not just a summer getaway or a vacation destination– those white beaches and beautiful corals are home, and they are in danger.

Throughout the years, the island of Boracay has consistently faced challenges of overdevelopment by countless investors and businessmen, depleting each and every one of its trees and wildlife and ruining the ecosystem of the island. Pollution is at an all-time high, and the only remaining forest and wildlife sanctuary in Puka Beach was scheduled to be sold to a Taiwanese developer for P1.7 billion on October 15.

Leonardo diCapro help save boracay

The people of Boracay, under the group “Last Stand for Paradise” is now asking for your help on social media, to reach Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio. Leo DiCaprio runs a foundation that dedicates itself to “the long-term health and wellbeing of all Earth’s inhabitants”, and “support innovative projects that protect vulnerable wildlife from extinction, while restoring balance to threatened ecosystems and communities.”

DiCaprio also played the lead role of Richard in the movie “The Beach”, about a hidden beach paradise, which Boracay was supposedly the inspiration of, and was even mentioned in the original book.

The full post is below:

Last Stand for Boracay help reach Leonardo diCaprio

We the people of Boracay are calling everyone on social media to help us send a message to Leonardo DiCaprio and his foundation to help us save our island paradise. Our fight to preserve what’s left of our fragile ecosystem is facing bigger challenges as more of the last remaining forest of Puka Beach will be sold to a Taiwanese developer on the15th October 2015 to the tune of P1.7B (P10K/sqm).

If we can buy more time to delay this sell-out, we are hoping that the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation can be the one that will buy Puka Beach just like how they bought 104 acres of wild, unpopulated land off the coast of Belize.

The mission statement of the Leonardo DiCaprio foundation reads:

”The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation is dedicated to the long-term health and wellbeing of all Earth’s inhabitants. Through collaborative partnerships, we support innovative projects that protect vulnerable wildlife from extinction, while restoring balance to threatened ecosystems and communities.”

As we all know, Leo played ”Richard” in the movie, ”The Beach” about a hidden beach paradise. Boracay is said to be one of the inspirations that ”The Beach” book was written and inspired from. The author, Alex Garland, wrote the book while traveling six months around the Philippines. ”Boracay” was even mentioned by Richard in the book.

Fact and fiction would come full circle once this post goes viral and Leonardo DiCaprio is persuaded to join the island of Boracay in the fight to preserve this island paradise for future generations to come.

So let’s use the power of social media and get this SOS out to ”Richard”!

Let’s get the hashtags trending worldwide.


EDIT: No confirmation has been made on whether the sale on October 15 pushed through, but the Last Stand for Paradise group held a vigil in front of Willy’s Rock, which they plan on doing every Thursday.

Last Stand for Paradise Vigil

Last Stand for Paradise Vigil message

If it’s not too late, let’s do our part in helping save one of our very own treasures. Visit Last Stand For Paradise on Facebook for more details.

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