People have found Totoro in real life in this Japanese forest

Those who love the titular character from My Neighbor Totoro will absolutely go nuts at the prospect of seeing the adorable character in real life! Those who know Totoro and his maker well know that the film is set in the Sayama Hills in the Saitama Prefecture.
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Because of its popularity, there’s now a Totoro’s Forest dedicated to the forest-dweller.

But it seems that Totoro isn’t residing there exactly–you can find him somewhere else. But if you think you’re going to encounter the gray fur and the sweet eyes when you see Totoro, you might be mistaken. Take a look at this photo from the Aomori Prefecture.

See him? Look closer!

The outline of the rocks and the leaves have created a perfect silhouette of the beloved character!
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Amazing! People have been clamoring to find the formation in Aomori now to find the hidden Totoro.
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And it’s so cute.

Will you be looking for Totoro when travel opens back up?

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