Pens N’ Brushes’ The Life Drawing Session: Breaking the Traditional Set Up



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Singapore-based art organization Pens N Brushes held its second ‘The Life Drawing Session’ on May 6, 2017, after the successful first edition in March 2017. Being true to its signature casual vibe, the event again was accompanied by music, food, drinks while a diverse company of art lovers enjoyed the experience of sketching the nude form.

Open Space, a studio in Makati, was transformed by the creative touch of Detalye Design Group. The event styling aptly gave the guests an ethereal vibe matching the theme, ‘The Zodiacs: Taurus & Gemini’.

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The male and female models brought the two zodiacs to life with their graceful poses — starting with their individual sets with bodies partially painted, proving that the human body is a canvas like no other.  “We are featuring different themes each month to make the life drawing more interesting. These sessions are not entirely catered to those who already know this kind of art, but to those who haven’t experienced it at all” said Nicco Mendoza, one of the partners of Pens N’ Brushes. “The world is becoming more open-minded, and in what better way to encourage these people, but to infuse the session with exciting things to try and let people realize it’s not how they think it is”, adds Mendoza.

Different acts performed at intermissions, like the acoustic band, Timog, followed by a hair-raising poetry recited by BernaManipol of Ampalaya Monologues. The last poses featured both models, were elevated by the grand and climactic classical pieces performed by Quartet Manila, provoking every stroke of the artists and persuading the bodies of the models to move in rhythm with every beat and note.

Faber-Castell Philippines, the official art material partner, offered various media such as pastel, watercolours, colour pens, and graphite pencils, while Art Plus Magazine, and Doodle Arts Magazine served as the session’s official media partners.

About Pens N’ Brushes

We are a group of individuals who fancies art in all forms and mediums, one of which is life drawing – something we feel lacking and not fully delved into.

Art students, figurative artists, professionals, homemakers, and those who simply want to draw are all welcome to join as we explore the art in the human body with some good music, wines, and refreshments. All you have to do is draw, enjoy, and socialize!

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