Pearls & Flowers? Make Your Loved One (or Yourself!) Feel Special With This Valentine’s Day Bundle

Words & Photos by Gabi Fresnido

Whether you are taken or single, you know that this special day is fast approaching. When that day comes, there are three kinds of people.

One, the Valentine Babies aka the Recipients. They basically have nothing else to do but to wait for their special gift/gesture & say thanks! Lucky!

Two, the Valentine Santa aka the Ma-effort ones. These types of people either go all out or do the bare minimum for their significant others on this occasion. There is no in between. But either way, it’s a given that their efforts are all met with gratitude and love. Most ‘santas’ often complain how much of a hassle & pressure is put on them during Valentine’s. In the end though, they know it’s all worth it when they see their special someone’s face light up with all the feels & kilig.

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But who says V-day santas have to go through all that hassle for their V-day babies?


Gunita the Label, in partnership with Fait avec Amour, has a valentine’s day promotion that’ll win the heart of your special someone all over again. The newly established stores uniquely combine luxurious pearls and delicate flowers to cater to people who want to send a token of love to their significant others, beloved friends, or even to your family members!


Ditch the mainstream chocolates & flowers combo and opt instead for a fresh gift idea that’ll make your special someone swoon and at the same time, save you the hassle in scrounging for separate gifts. You don’t have to be bothered just to show how hard you work in making them feel extra loved.

For pricing and mechanics, check their Instagram out!


Last but not the least, during Valentine’s there are also people who want nothing to do with the occasion at all! And who says it’s so important anyways? We shouldn’t need a holiday just for us to feel entitled to show our love to important people in our lives. One shouldn’t feel pressured as well to enter into a relationship. Relax and take a breather! You can treat your independent self instead with GTL’s lovely & handmade bags or Fait avec Amour’s charming bouquets!


Gunita The Label


Fait avec Amour