‘Pawternity’ leaves are real, and we are here for it

Anyone who has a cat, dog, or whatever-kind-of-animal of their own knows that they’re more than just pets — they’re family. Along with the love they bring as family, also comes the stress and responsibilities. This is especially true for newborn animals. Just like with a human baby you have to keep a close eye on them, comfort them when they cry, and make sure they don’t hurt themselves. It’s honestly a lot and workplaces are starting to realize that!

Different companies around the world have begun offering their employees a few days of paid leave from work to spend with their new pets. They call this benefit ‘pawternity’ or ‘mutternity’. The leaves range from 2 days to 2 weeks, depending on the company. Some even allow you to bring your pet in with you to work after the leave days have been used up!

And the leaves don’t just apply for newborn pups or kittens either! Leaves can be used when bringing home a new furry friend from the pound or adoption shelter. These workplaces understand that no matter the age, getting acclimated to a new environment will take a toll on you.

Mparticle, a data platform that offers this kind of leave justifies it by saying: “We offer maternity and paternity leave and a pet is just another member of the family. We don’t discriminate just because they aren’t human.” Another company, Brewdog, simply says that “they just really love dogs.”

They are also starting to offer a bereavement leave for owners whose furbabies have passed away. The logic is that if they already allow leaves for deaths in the family, then the death of a beloved pet should fully be considered.

Do you think the Philippines should have pawternity leaves too? 

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