Paulo Avelino Opens Up About Almost Taking His Own Life, Mourns Death of Close Friend

Paulo Avelino, who has been known to keep quiet about his personal life, took to Twitter on Thursday, August 1, to “let loose thoughts” on his struggles and dark secrets.


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He revealed in a Twitter thread that he had lost a close friend to suicide last year. That friend was his “go-to person,” Paulo said, who was there for him when he was battling depression.

“A lot of times, I would call him late in the evening feeling so low and he would travel miles just to keep me company and make sure I was in my right mental state of mind to continue one with life, constantly reminding me how privileged I am compared to alot of people. That I had to see my son grow up,” Paulo shared.

He then opened up about his own attempt to take his own life a few years ago. “I survived. No one really knew aside from my closest friends and he was one of them,” he said.

“He would switch shifts with a friend to stay with me in the hospital and even when I got discharged, just to make sure I wasn’t stupid enough to do it again.”

But then, the worst happened.

“All the time I needed support from my friends they were there. I was selfish. I demanded time and a part of their emotional state to flow along with mine. I saw it coming.”

Addressing his late friend, he said: “That one message you sent the night before you passed away, I brushed off in a joking manner. All those messages and time I selfishly demanded are now regrets and baggages I would carry my whole life.”

He thanked his friend and advised his followers to always spare time for friends in need, no matter what.

“I am living because of the hope and wisdom you engraved in me. A year after here I am at 5 in the morning thinking if a few minutes of my time ditching work would make a change or even save a life.”

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