Pat Robertson’s Pact with the Devil / Haiti Earthquake Help

The most important thing is that Haiti needs our help. The people are in desperate need of food, water, supplies and many other basic necessities. Here are links on how you can help out the people of Haiti:

Now moving on, the less important but more controversial side to this disaster is a Mr. Pat Robertson and his condemnation of the entire Haitian nation by saying that Haiti “signed a pact with the devil” a long time ago to free themselves from the French.

I was completely disgusted and appalled by the minister’s comment and didn’t quite know what to make of it. Fortunately, WIM NewsSenior Pact Signing Correspondent, Carlos Palma, was ready with some proper explanation to the old man’s rants. Watch the video to help edumacate yourself on pact signing history and more.

Carlos Palma is also a photo blogger who specializes in food photography. You need to check out his amazing shots on his website as well as his personal site

Thanks for being on the WIM News show Carlos! Go to our blog to find more ways to help the people of Haiti. They relly need all the help they can get. We also talk about Pat Robertson’s pact with the devil to give him fame, fortune and TV shows.

Ladies and Gentlemen if you’ve been watching the news then you all have heard about the terrible quake that struck Haiti leaving countless citizens in dire need of help. Before we get into our show there are links on our blog on how you can help out as they really need all the help they can get.

Moving on, the big controversy now is how religious leader Pat Robertson practically said that the reason for all this devastation in Haiti is because their people signed a pact with the devil, a long time ago. This of course spawning outrage from different sides of the field. It’s is a very strong statement and to help us analyze why Pat Robertson might have said this is our Senior Pact Signing Correspondent, Carlos Palma.

V: Carlos Thank you for joining us.

C: My pleasure Vince… and though shaking your hand I would like to verbally note that I am not agreeing to any terms or conditions that you may or may not have stated…

V:Ummm.. ok…. Anyway,  Carlos, Pat Robertson mentioned a Pact with the Devil as the reason for so much suffering in Haiti. This of course is an absurd statement that is clearly without credit or viable ummm… what’s the word I’m looking for…. dignity.

C: Yes Vince clearly many people are outraged about this. But let me assure you, it’s just a big misunderstanding.

Allow me to clear up what the good minister was trying to say.

Pat Robertson didn’t mean that that the people of Haiti had a pact with the devil… like what did they do?  Pour blood into a cup then drink it or something? That’s so ridiculous. No one does that anymore! That’s so 2000 and late. What really happened was that the people of Haiti signed a binding contract with Lucifer.

V: What? Well, but… ummm isn’t that the same thing?

C: Of course not Vince. See a pact is like something you do with your first girlfriend when you talk about being 40 and single and just marrying each other instead. Or like with two friend… (extends arm to Vince)…. Like we’re making a pact of bros before hoes!

But no, what the people of Haiti did, included paperwork. They didn’t make a “pact” with the devil, they signed a contract with him.

V: Carlos, that’s absurd, Pat Robertson can’t condemn a nation by saying they had a pact…

C: You mean signed a contract…

V: Signed a whatever! Just because they don’t practice the same religion as you doesn’t mean they have a deal with a devil.  I mean, Pat Robertsn just made that up! Where’s the proof of this crazy signing and…

C: Oh yes, I brought copies of that with me.

V: Copies? Copies of what?

C: Of the contract, of course I could only bring copies coz the real one is made of fire and blood and is kept there in hell. You know, kinda hard to get access to that nowadays.

V: Ummmm….

C: So as you can see here, these are the latest “Contract Signings” with the devil.

Number  Seven Trillion four hundred fifty two I believe…. Yes yes, Number Seven Trillion four hundred fifty two is The contract agreement between Haiti and the devil stating that Pat Robertson will never set foot In Haiti in exchange for the Haitian souls.

V: oh…… Ok….  But what’s that before that, number Seven trillion four hundred and one…

C: Oh yes it’s the contract between Pat Robertson and the Devil where the devil with give Pat fame, fortune and TV shows in exchange for Pat’s soul.

Yeah Pat and the people of Haiti were actually at the same signing event… which is why Pat knew about Haiti’s signing.

V: Wow… and what’s that next number….seven trillion four hundred fifty three…  Looks interesting…

C: Oh yes it’s Jay Leno signing over his soul, and the soul of his chin… in exchange for his old time slot back.


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