Craving for Pasta? Sister’s Food Hub Delivers Baked Lasagna and Carbonara

Having spent more than three months at home, isolated from the rest of the world— you’re probably following a routine and there’s a good chance your meals have also been on rotation. 

I must admit that I am not talented in the kitchen, and as a result of that, most of my meals involve canned goods. While I definitely consider myself very lucky for having this option, I still can’t help but fantasize about eating one of my favorite foods— pasta! And it looks like I’m not the only one.

Luckily, I’ve discovered Sister’s Food Hub. It is a food delivery service that is ready to satisfy your pasta cravings this quarantine. 

Sister’s Food Hub offers delicious all beef cheesy baked lasagna and baked creamy carbonara served with crunchy garlic bread. Each bite from their pasta is a taste of heaven with complementary flavors of salt, cheese, and cream in one flavorful and mouthwatering dish. Here are several reasons why you should satisfy your pasta cravings through them.

Fast Delivery

Sister’s Food Hub offers fast delivery through Lalamove. All you have to do is place an order by contacting them through their Facebook page a day in advance, and they will deliver it straight to your home!

Baked creamy carbonara, served with their flavorful garlic bread to satisfy your pasta cravings.

All beef cheesy baked lasagna, greatly enjoyed with Sister’s Food Hub’s garlic bread.

Value for Money

They price their pastas as low as Php140! With their generous servings, presentable packaging, and savory meals; they make sure that their food is well worth your money.

All beef cheesy baked lasagna and baked creamy carbonara // Solo 1 pax (Php140); Extra Small 1-2 pax (Php250); Double 2-3 pax (Php350); Medium 4-6 pax (Php750); Large 7-10 pax (Php1250)

Quality Delivery

They make it a point to deliver your pasta immediately after they finish cooking and preparing it. Depending on the size, they serve it in a sturdy aluminum or plastic container to make sure that they will make it to their destinations warm and ready to eat, no matter how far.

How I received the food. This is the medium size.

Combo Meals

Celebrate your special moments with Sister’s Food Hub. They do not only satisfy your quarantine cravings; they also provide set combo meals for any event.

Combo Meals // Set A: 1 family pan of beef lasagna or carbonara, 8 pcs of garlic bread, 8 pcs of chicken nuggets with free dip (Php500) ; Set B: 1 family pan of beef lasagna or beef carbonara, 10 pcs garlic bread, 10 pcs of chicken nuggets with free dip (Php800); Set C: 2 Family pan of beef lasagna and carbonara, 12 pcs garlic bread, 12 pcs of chicken nuggets with free dip (Php1250)

Sister’s Food Hub’s garlic bread.

Delicious, filling and affordable pastas with fast delivery— what more can you ask for? Indulge yourself in Sister’s Food Hub’s pasta today!

Sister’s Food Hub

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