6 Pasta Dishes You Need to Try Right Now

Love pasta? We recently tried some delicious pasta dishes that you simply have to try if you haven’t yet. Here they are:

6. Yellow Cab’s Charlie Chan Party Pasta Tray (@yellowcabpizza)


Yellow Cab Charlie Chan Party Pasta Tray

Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

If you’re looking for a massive tray of pasta to share with your loved ones this holiday season, Yellow Cab’s Pasta Party Trays are sure to bring lots of cheer. Their best-loved pasta dishes are all available, but our favorite is their famous Charlie Chan. It’s so good and the trays have enough to fill everyone’s bellies. They’re best paired with Yellow Cab’s Sloppy Wedges and are available until January 9, 2022. Order them now!

5. Corner Kitchen’s Baked Lasagna Rolls (@_cornerkitchenph)


Corner Kitchen Baked Lasagna Rolls

Photo from Corner Kitchen

Corner Kitchen started this April as a happy project after the owner was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder late last year. “I had to resign from my corporate job but still needed to find a way to help my husband with the finances,” she explains. “Since cooking served as a form of therapy for me, I decided to start sharing my home-cooked pasta dishes with the public.”

Their Baked Lasagna Rolls are delicious and easy to serve and eat. They are quite unique, too, since they are rolled instead of layered flat. Since the owner has been cooking this for 15 years now, you can be sure that she has perfected the recipe to a tee. Corner Kitchen also serves Creamy Tuna Melt, Bacon & Spinach Bake (BSB), and Mac ‘n’ Cheese. Delivery days are only on weekends, though, so make sure you order a day in advance if you plan to order.

4. Conti’s Truffle Mushroom Linguine (@contis_ph)


Truffle Mushroom Linguine e1635133989652

Photo from Conti’s

Have you gone meatless? In case you missed it, Conti’s has recently introduced their savory #MeatlessMeals so you can satisfy your pasta cravings without the guilt. Conti’s delectable Truffle Mushroom Linguine is made with al dente linguine pasta covered with a rich, creamy truffle sauce, shiitake mushrooms, and drizzled with truffle oil. It’s a sumptuous meal that will make you crave more.

3. Patsa PH’s Beef Bolognese (@patsaph)


Patsa Pasta

Photo from Patsa

Patricia Malana always watched her parents cook spectacular dishes as she was growing up, thus fueling the fire to want to be like them one day. Today, the kitchen has become her safe space and cooking has become her escape. During the surge of home businesses last year, Pat joined the bandwagon and decided to sell pasta from her parents’ recipe. And thus, Patsa PH was born, focusing on sumptuous pasta dishes at a reasonable price.

“I remember my parents would always cook pasta only during special occasions like birthdays and Christmas,” Pat reminisces. “When served on regular days, friends and family would always say that every bite tastes like Christmas. With that, we want others to experience it, too!” Patsa PH can definitely satisfy your pasta cravings. They currently have five options – Beef Bolognese, Bacon & Ham Alfredo, Chicken Alfredo, Tuna Peso, and Chicken Pesto – as well as homemade pizza.

2. La Pasta Manila (@lapastamanila)


La Pasta Manila

Photo from La Pasta Manila

Crista Janelle Dela Cruz and Ralph Bryan Dela Cruz came up with the ideas, menu, and recipes of their business because of the pandemic with the long-term goal to one day open their own restaurant. When they started their Facebook account last March, they were overwhelmed by the number of orders and have been delivering exquisite classic Italian-inspired pasta dishes to the homes of their avid customers.

Since Ralph has experience being a chef, you can be sure that they carefully discussed the recipes, chose and prepared the ingredients, and chose the flavors to bring out their love for pasta with every bite. They literally have a pasta dish for any preference and trust me when I say that every single one is delicious because I actually tried them all!

1. Mimi&Bros’ Lola’s Ragu (@mimiandbros)


Lolas Ragu 2 1

Photo from Mimi&Bros

Mimi&Bros is a homegrown restaurant concept inspired by the trend of walk-up bars in Los Angeles. Through the years, they have become known for their great comfort food and continue to be a breath of fresh air and a happy place amidst the hustle and bustle of Bonifacio Global City.

Their Lola’s Ragu is at the top of our list because it is just so divine. One bite and I was hooked! It has the right amount of sweet tomato sauce and perfectly tender beef that clings to every piece of penne. Plus, it has a ton of parmesan on it – and being a cheese lover, this meant a lot. In fact, all of Mimi&Bros’ dishes offer a sense of comfort and a warm fuzzy feeling in the belly. I’d highly recommend getting some croquettes and a chicken sandwich while you’re at it. And oh, they also have party trays available – perfect for the holiday season! Order it now!

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