Passengers Aren’t Too Crazy About The New Express Holiday Bus

The joint project of the MMDA and LTFRB in efforts to curb traffic during the holiday season was not so warmly received on its first day.

EDSA Holiday Bus

Photo Credit: Philstar.com

The holiday express buses, meant to encourage the public to leave their cars at home and prevent over-congestion of the roads was virtually passenger-less, during their first day of operations Saturday.

Apparently this wasn’t too much of a hit with commuters, who still preferred to take their normal route by riding the MRT and lining up at the usual bus stations.

The fare of the holiday bus can range from P50-P80 and plies along EDSA. Passengers can also be dropped off at Ayala Avenue in Makati.

According to reports, commuters find the fare of the express bus too steep, as opposed to the regular bus which charges at around P40 the most, or the MRT at over P20.

Operations start at 6 am, with buses leaving every 30 minutes, and ends at 10 pm.

Do you agree that the fare of these buses are too steep?

How do you suggest we avoid heavy traffic for Christmas?