Passenger Shares Scary Experience Aboard Plane Due to Technical Problems

They say planes are one of the safest ways of travel (yes, safer than a car), but when something goes wrong, it can turn out to be one of the scariest experiences.

A few days ago, this was exactly the case for Aiz Gomez and several others as the plane they were riding had to make an emergency landing due to the bad weather. At times like these, you just have to pray that the captain has got it covered.

Aiz shares her experience below:



“SCARIEST FLIGHT of my life. After more than 30 minutes on air, the Captain announced that we had to go back to Davao due to technical problems. Seconds later, flight crew started to give instructions on how to brace for impact. We were also reminded of the location of emergency exits, remove high heeled shoes, and sharp objects. Then, we were asked to put on our life jackets. I cried while bracing for impact! (I cried harder when we were told to expect multiple impacts)

We safely landed in Davao airport…still inside the plane and we are about to use the emergency exits….

Thank God we are all safe. Kudos to PAL pilots and crew.”

Pal-Plane-Emergency-Landing-01*Photo taken upon landing in Davao Airport


In a private conversation, Aiz continued to share how the crew of Philippine Airlines were able to properly handle the situation.

“Before we were transported to the Davao International Airport, the pilot explained to us that what happened up there is already a police matter.

The PAL crew made sure that everyone was ok as we were waiting for updates when we finally got off the plane. It was at the old Davao terminal. It’s a secluded area and we had nowhere to go but wait under the shade of the trees beside the old runway. There were firetrucks, ambulance, police and some military. Later on, we saw them unloading the baggage from the cargo section of the plane. It was a long wait. Those who need medical attention were transported first (PWDs, pregnant women, elderly, and those with heart condition)

When everyone was already at the Davao International Airport around 4pm, we were given our first meal for our “second” lives. That is the tastiest meal I have ever had.


That was sure a scary experience but we’re glad everyone was safe. Hands down to the pilot and crew for doing their job well and not only keeping the passengers safe, but trying to best to make sure no one was inconvenienced further.


What do you think of Aiz’s story? What would you have done?