Party Bus Manila: for the Best Party Experience When in Manila!

When in Manila and looking for the coolest way to party, bring all your friends and hop on The Party Bus Manila!

You’re in for the ride of your life



Party Bus Manila: The First and Only Pub Crawl in Manila

Imagine cruising around in a ridiculously fly bus blasting awesome music, with free-flowing shots on board and some crazy new friends to meet, while stopping by some of the best bars in Manila to set the pace for a night of full-on partying; the Party Bus Manila is exactly like a field trip for the big kids! News about the Party Bus Manila has been afloat on the Internet for quite a while now, so when they invited WIM to join them on their 3rd voyage, I invited my friend Trixie to tag along and said yes right away. Boy, were we glad we came!


Hi from Trixie


Games for everyone to get acquainted before the ride!





The objective of the night was simple: Drink as much as humanly possible while the Party Bus Manila takes you around the metro, with pit stops at a handful of clubs (not that you’ll be sober enough to keep count), until you are dropped off at the last spot, where you can choose to continue the party (it’s hard not to) or end the night any way you want.



Yes, it was as crazy at it looks in the photos 



Where will the Party Bus Manila take you?

The Party Bus Manila takes bar hopping to an entirely different level. With drinking games on and off board and shots at the ready, the Party Bus Manila crew makes sure the night is everything you imagined and more! The drinking began right at our meeting place and first stop for the night, The Bond Pub at Makati, the only venue revealed to us. From there, our ultra cool party bus took us around the Fort to select bars, which were never revealed to us until we got there. Trixie and I were in for a treat when we stopped by Distillery, Skye and finally ended our voyage at Prive! I love that the Party Bus Manila changes up their list of bar venues for each voyage, it totally adds to the excitement; you’ll never know where you’ll end up!

Pinoy henyo Party Bus Manila style at Distillery!


Yesss complimentary round of drinks!


Pretty girls at Skye


I wasn’t lying when I said the drinks were free flowing. From unlimited Jagger, tequila and vodka shots at the bus (you can even chug the bottle) to a round (or more) of drinks at the different bars you’ll be going to, everyone’s bound to go wild! Not only that, partygoers also got the VIP treatment. We got the best seats at every bar we went, and we didn’t even have to wait in line! Absolute boss status.








I gotta hand it to the Party Bus Manila team; their pimped out idea of bar hopping is just ingenious. I highly recommend the Party Bus Manila to partygoers who are dying to step up their party experience, or anyone who wants to have an extra fun night. Don’t forget to bring your friends! Although you’ll make a bunch of new ones on the ride, this experience is meant to be shared! I highly guarantee that you’re in for one of the best parties you’ve ever had!

Be sure to make new friends!



Oh and don’t forget that the Party Bus Manila only schedules two voyages a month, so When in Manila, be sure to book a slot while it’s still available!

The Party Bus Manila

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Party Bus Manila: for the Best Party Experience When in Manila!

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