Partners in Cream: Beat the Heat in Manila

Words by Miguel Enriquez (@miguelcenriquez) | Photos by Elaine Quion (@elainequion)

It can get really tiresome to walk outside under the scorching heat of the sun in Manila. What better way is there to cool off than with some fresh, tasty, and unique ice cream creations?

Located in a food park along Xavierville Avenue lies a cute little pink stall that features various ice cream combinations that are sure to keep your sweet tooth satisfied. The owners of Partners in Cream really love ice cream and they make sure to eat it everyday. They are certified sweet tooths who also like to visit food parks. Since they also enjoy baking, they decided to combine it into the masterful and aesthetically-pleasing dessert shop that is Partners in Cream.

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Partners in Cream 1

The name “Partners in Cream” comes from the fact that the owners are not just business partners with a love for ice cream, but are also partners in life. Partners in Cream really values the relationships the staff makes with the customers, which is why its staff also consists of partners, whether they be dating partners or best friends in life. The name also highlights the fact that the shop sells a variety of different flavors of ice cream that go well with each other, so they can serve as partners in cream, as well.

Partners in Cream 2

One of the stall’s bestsellers is the Tower of Scoops (Php399), which features 9 scoops of ice cream of your choice and 3 ice cream cones that serve around 8-10 people. Their variety of flavors include classics like Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry, as well as unique combinations like Bubble Gum Mallows, Coffee Almond Fudge, and Mint Choco Chip.

Partners in Cream 4

Other best sellers include the Brownie Point, a classic fudge brownie topped with ice cream, rice krispies, and chocolate syrup; the Cereal Killer, a Fruity Pebbles bowl topped with ice cream, marshmallows, and caramel; the Oreo Overload; and Milk and Cookies, which consists of a cookie shot, Oreo crumbs, ice cream, chocolate syrup, and a shot of fresh milk.

Partners in Cream 5
The shop also features various customizable dishes using ice cream and toppings, so you can find your own perfect partner in cream. They also feature a do-it-yourself banana split bowl where you can customize the ice cream flavors and the toppings. There are so many combinations and creations to try in this wonderful little ice cream shop, so why not try it out today?


Partners in Cream

4pm to 12am

83 Xavierville Ave, Quezon City, Metro Manila