Parokya ni Edgar’s Chito Miranda Opens Up About Outgrowing His Rockstar Life

“This is what I wake up to every morning,” Parokya ni Edgar frontman Chito Miranda began on his Instagram post, in which he started to open up about how different his life is now compared to before when he used to actively perform with his band.

Maaga na ako magising ngayon. Madalas before 8am gising na ko, eh. Maaga na rin kasi ako matulog. Kadalasan naka-higa na ko by 11pm, tapos tulog na ko around midnight. I can’t help but [compare] it sa lifestyle ko dati bago mag-lockdown.”

“Being in a band, I need to be at my peak pag gabi. Ang ibig sabihin, gising na gising dapat ako tuwing gabi…so basically, puyat ako regularly mula nung 17yrs old ako hahaha!” he said. “Staying up ’til dawn, always being on the road, and living on an unhealthy diet. Mabuti nga natigil ko yung yosi 5yrs ago eh. Can you imagine?”

He then mulled over the fact that, as he gets older, the more he feels that he is outgrowing his rockstar life.

“I guess tumanda na ko. Or maybe, the novelty of my rock & roll lifestyle has worn off,” he shared. “I still enjoy being in a band (tapos Parokya pa!), writing and recording songs, performing with my closest friends who I’ve known my entire life, and getting paid just to have fun…but I think I’ve fallen in love, and have grown accustomed to this new lifestyle: healthy, stress-free, and spending every day with my family.”

Despite all this, he assured fans that Parokya ni Edgar will still live on. “Tutugtog pa rin ako syempre (gumagawa nga kami ng bagong album eh), pero I guess I’ve simply outgrown the lifestyle…pero don’t worry, I will never outgrow the band.”

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