Parker Soriano: Paul Soriano’s Cute Younger Brother Goes Viral!

After Toni Gonzaga’s and Paul Soriano’s wedding over the weekend, every other girl wished they could have a Paul Soriano of their own– dreamy, mysterious, well-bred, and intelligent.

But it turns out they didn’t need to look very far, as direk Paul’s gene pool has some very promising candidates!

Parker Soriano 3

The Soriano brothers. You’re welcome.

Case in point: meet 19-year-old Parker Soriano, who seems to be following in his older brother’s footsteps in his ability to break the internet!

Parker Soriano 1

Parker is a wakeboarding champion, who won first place in the 8th Philippine Cable Wakeboard Nationals! What a sporty hottie! From a quick look at his Instagram page, it’s pretty clear that he’s passionate about the sport.

Parker Soriano 5

While Paul seems to have that brooding, mysterious appeal down pat, Parker looks more like someone you’d expect from a boyband, mixed in with that fun, sun-kissed wakeboarder charm and a boy-next-door vibe!

It’s no wonder that Parker Soriano trended on Twitter, right after he was shown during the TV special of Paul and Toni’s wedding.

Here are other photos, taken from Paul and Parker’s Instagram profiles:

Parker Soriano 2

Parker Soriano 6

Parker Soriano 4

Check him out in action here:

Parker Soriano 7

Unfortunately ladies, he seems to be taken at the moment. But hey, it’s nice to dream about young, talented cuties like Parker! If there’s one thing that’s certain, it’s that the Soriano clan has got some insanely good-looking genes.

Somebody give this guy an artista contract quick!!

Were you able to catch the Toni-Paul wedding?? What do you think of Parker?