Paramore Gives Fans a Reason to Look Forward to Their Upcoming Album

When in Manila, be sure to check out the schedule of local gigs and international acts. February 15, 2013 marked the second visit of Paramore to Manila’s music stage. Fans waited for three years for their comeback show, and the awesome threesome did not disappoint. The show started with “Now” from their upcoming album and well-known hits “That’s What You Get” and “Decode”. It didn’t take long for Hayley Williams to work her magic on the stage. It was the same messy red hair and the child-like excitement displayed by the band that was mirrored by the pumped-up fans.
Hayley onstage at the recent Manila concert
Guitarist Taylor York and bassist Jeremy Davis were obviously having fun, as they surprised the audience with acrobatic stunts in the middle of some songs. Paramore’s up-tempo energy was consistent all throughout, always obliging Hayley whenever she requests everyone to sing along. Ever the deviant, she made it a point to carry the whole mic stand and point it to the crowd. In between songs, turning the lights out didn’t matter. The fans’ screams never failed to drown out the silence.
 Paramore onstage at their recent Manila concert
The Manila show marked the band’s second stop for 2013, and it was a fascinating display of musical balance. When Hayley and Taylor perform the ballad “In the Mourning” while sitting on the steps, you get to feel a sort of sensual and melodic rage. The song was blended perfectly with “Landslide”, and it elicited more screams from the crowd.
 Hayley on stage at the recent Paramore concert in Manila
“My Only Exception” obviously drew the loudest cheers, and it’s a testament to how Hayley’s voice sounds good in any genre. This was when the audience started to transform the lights of their mobile phones into stars that surrounded the Arena. The band never left the stage to rest, and this commitment to a memorable performance pushed loud chants of “We want more!

” to fill the stadium when they played their last song. Paramore obliged with “Misery Business”, and it was a fulfilling sendoff, leaving us wanting for more until the next time they visit again.

Fans don’t have to wait that long to hear Paramore again. Their self-titled album will be released in the Philippines on April 9.
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Paramore Gives Fans a Reason to Look Forward to Their Upcoming Album