Papel Gang: New Modus Uses PAPER to Steal Your Phone

You all need to watch this video right now! Here, you’ll see how fast a phone can get stolen with some distraction and covers as used by this thug. The video and caption below was shared by Lyn B. See how quickly this thief was able to steal away the phone without the owner even noticing until it was too late…. and all it took was paper! 

This same Modus also happened to a friend of ours while she was in HUNGRY HOUND in BGC!! We showed her this video and she says it looks like the same guy. This same modus was used on her last May 27, 2014. It means the guy has been out there for a year and he has not been caught yet! Let’s help spread this video please and get his face out there!   


Anyway, Lyn’s caption below:


I was doing my weekly laundry at quick clean laundry over at katipunan (esteban abad street actually, the one that runs parallel to katipunan). i was seated at the counter by the door, with my laptop and phone. i was using my phone’s hotspot as wifi for my laptop, because i was doing work. my phone was right beside my laptop. a guy in a white shirt and shorts comes in, walking around the area. next thing i know, he approaches me and hands me a letter. actually, he tosses me a letter, that it actually falls and i fumble around for it. immediately i knew he was soliciting money for something, so i was telling him “wala, wala akong pera” and telling him to go away. but he wouldn’t. no matter how much i insisted he kept bugging me. he kept saying all kinds of things that i did not even understand. he was literally blabbing words, to the point i even asked “anong gagawin ko dito?” because i didnt understand what he was saying, and i was getting really irritated. he said “basketball”, and i said “i dont play basketball” and he said “nagsosolicit, for uniforms” sabi ko “wala wala” again telling him to go away. i also noticed the guy had some kind of pill in his mouth. i dont know if it was a drug or whatever. he said “iwan ko nalang dyan, balikan ko next time” so i said ok so he’d leave me alone. then when the ate who works there came close, he quickly goes out the door. right after i realized my laptop disconnected from the wifi and realized my phone was gone along with the guy. the ate who works there saw the guy get on the back of a motorcycle with his partner waiting, and they drove off.

since my phone’s celluar was on, i logged on to the establishments wifi and went on icloud to trace my iphone. and i traced it to the last location, which was along boni serano, near marcos highway. marikina area. by the river over there. but eventually, it lost connection. he had probably turned it off.

now i dont really have hope for my phone, thats as good as gone. but i have CCTV footage which the owner of the shop gave me, which i want to share, along with my story. there i found out how he did it. you can see how he USED THE OTHER PILE OF PAPERS IN HIS HANDS TO COVER UP MY PHONE AND TAKE IT, while doing everything he could to irritate and distract me from what he was doing. he was agitating me, and forcing his “solicitation”. !@#$%^&*()!!!!

Apparently, that guy has been to that laundry shop before, walking around. i found out also from the barangay tanod, that there was an inncident from two weeks ago where a woman’s iphone6 was stolen, also in that area. this isnt new. its been happening for a long time, and all in that area. whats worse, is that its happening INSIDE actual establishments. LET THIS BE A WARNING TO EVERYONE AND OTHER ESTABLISHMENTS. WHEN SOME RANDOM PERSON APPROACHES WITH SOME STUPID SOLICITATION, CHECK YOUR THINGS.

its upsetting because when people steal things like a phone, especially a smart phone, they’re stealing more than just someones means of communication. their stealing memories, experiences, work, and so much more. in my case, i have a lot of my thesis related work there, portfolio works, all kinds of documents, my schedules, everything. so, please share this, especially to those who hang around in the area. be on the look out for this “person”.

also, i want to say thanks to the guy who was there in the laundry place and helped me out. if this reaches you somehow, thank you. also tatay Olaf and Miggo for coming and helping me with the blotter and everything.


And here is the story from a friend of our who says a very similar thing happened to her, with a very similar looking guy:

It’s exactly the same modus that happened to me last May 27, 2014 at a gastro-pub restaurant in BGC. I was working by the bar while talking to a friend beside me and a bartender in front of me. Thinking that my gadgets are safe since my friends were there, I left them on the bar top when I decided to grab lunch at the dining area of the restaurant. When I went back after eating lunch, I immediately noticed that my phone was gone. My friends told me, there was a man who approached them soliciting money by giving papers to each of them. According to my friends, the guy had a pile of papers which he placed on top of my phone. Being distracted by the man’s approach, my friend’s didn’t notice my phone was gone already until I came. 

It was confirmed that it was stolen by the man who solicited when we viewed the CCTV footage of the establishment. The man got my phone along with the pile of papers he placed on top of it. 

I remember having an eye-to-eye moment with the man while eating in the dining area as he find his way out of the restaurant. The man looked calm and decent; not rushing to go out. I think he was also wearing the same type of clothing then. But the look he gave me sort of given me a bad feeling.


This same modus happened on May 27, 2014 and she says the guy on the video looks the same. It means the guy has been out there for over a year and he has not been caught yet! Let’s help spread this video please and get his face out there! 

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