Pandora’s Box Brightens Up Your Wardrobe with their Pop Collection

When in Manila, accessories are practically one of the most indispensable aspects of your wardrobe. Nothing transcends our country’s two seasons better than some fancy bling. Whether stacked up to make an arm party or lone and dainty on the wrist, accessories are your best bet to liven up any drab outfit, and the Pandora’s Box Pop Collection has got all your bases covered in this area.




I myself am quite particular with picking out accessories, as I’m more of a minimalist when in comes to my arm candy. Although lately I’ve come across some chic trinkets from Pandora’s Box that even my all-basics aesthetic couldn’t resist. Besides, what could be cuter than a grown-up version of our all-time favorite friendship bracelets?




Pandora’s Box Knows How to Throw a Sick Arm Party

Forget all notions of sewing thread woven together into some Crayola-gradient pattern; forget clumsy knot locks and jelly beads, forget even requiring a friend! These gorgeous accessories by Pandora’s Box add a quirky yet refined touch to your usual ensemble, letting you indulge your inner tween while lending your gear some serious steez. So maybe you would still notice a bit of color gradient and braiding action going on, but definitely not in the primary school sense. Aren’t these accessories just as adorable as your color-happy summer wardrobe?




What a charmer. I love me a gold chain on practically anything, and this juicy-colored Vino bracelet by Pandora’s Box is just the most adorable rendition of a friendship bracelet I’ve seen in a while. Paired it with Pandora’s Box Bloom bracelet and my trusty gold watch to add just the right amount of chuck to my arm party.




Now I shall draw your attention to this bright plastic creation, also known as the Crust necklace. It’s your off-kilter version of the standard thick gold chain necklace, and I think it’s heaps more fun to wear. I shall gather the courage to pile two or three of these all at once very soon.




And that is the story of my new-found appreciation for excessorizing, and Pandora’s Box. I plan on throwing bigger arm parties in the future, but for now your guys can check out the Pandora’s Box Facebook page for more bright and golden goodness.


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Pandora’s Box Brightens Up Your Wardrobe with their Pop Collection