Pandemonium II: Lights Out


The Alpha Phi Beta Fraternity is a College of Law-based fraternity in the University of the Philippines. Its present roster of Lords hails not only from the UP College of Law but also from the other colleges in the University. Since 1940, the Alpha Phi Beta Fraternity has been producing Editors from the Philippine Collegian, Philippine Law Journal, and Philippine Law Register. The Fraternity has also been consistently producing top-notch Alphan lawyers in the annual Bar Examinations. Moreover, the Fraternity has been generating distinguished names in the government, military, legal education, business, industry and in other different fields and professions. These have been a testament to the Fraternity’s dedication, not only in honor and excellence, but also public service and love for the country.

Years prior, the Alpha Phi Beta Fraternity held an annual concert at their tambayan at the Palma Hall inside UP Diliman. This annual concert was called “Imbang Gabi” and was a great way to end the year before entering the Christmas break. Since 2017, the Alpha Phi Beta Fraternity reignited this annual concert, but instead moved it to the middle of the semester, for the students to enjoy it amidst the hard work they’ve endured. The Fraternity revamped this and named it “Pandemonium”, and turned it into a mixture of a concert and party catered to the students of the University of the Philippines. With Pandemonium being a night of music from high profile bands and DJs in the industry, to go along with a cheap entrance fee and a night of free-flowing drinks, it garnered significant interest.

Last October 27, 2017, the Fraternity held the first of its reborn annual concert, and called it “Pandemonium: First Light.” Held at the Cities Events Place, Quezon City, the show started off with a bang with Gracenote that surely got the crowd amped up. Following immediately was Jensen & the Flips, who gave a spectacular performance. Then came Tom’s Story, who graced the crowd, even while it was raining, and yet the people still jammed to their music. Finally, the most awaited band for the night came. Performing their recent hits, Autotelic capped off the band performances as best as any could. These were immediately followed by electrifying music from UP Diliman’s very own RiDDO and the siblings of Blanca and Paolo Young as the DJs of the night. As the crowd clamored for another event like this, the Fraternity had to give them another one the next year.

This October 5th, following last year’s success, the sequel is well on its way. Entitled “Pandemonium II: Lights Out,” the event is ensured to have a bigger and better concert and party than before. With performances from DJs Howee Lee and Molina, to end the night, it’s sure to end with as much hype as before. With last year featuring four bands, this time around, the crowd would be given six memorable performances. Beginning with UPD’s very own New Game+, the crowd would be introduced to this new and upcoming band in the industry. They would then be followed by one of last year’s performers, Gracenote, who would give the same energy as before. Then, they would be followed by another UPD grown band, Any Name’s Okay, who made their grand introduction recently, and would surely engage a lot of the UP crowd. LUNARLIGHTS would soon follow suit, and give their alternative feel for the audience. Then, B R I S O M’s synthwave pop sound would introduce their music to our ears. And lastly, the band the crowd would surely recognize anywhere. With hits like Jeepney, Tuliro and Bitiw, one of the most popular bands in the country, Sponge Cola, will cap off the bands to its peak energy. Pandemonium II: Lights Out is setting up to be one of the highlights for this semester for the students of UP Diliman.