We Found Pancit With Chili and Sinigang Steak in Mandaluyong

Article by Desa Desiree Tayting | Photos by Sky Gavin | Graphics by Joselle Marie Fajardo

When a ‘Pinoy’ is hungry and craving for Filipino food, the same dishes usually come to mind: rice, barbeque, sisig, lumpiang Shanghai (spring rolls), and of course, one of any celebration’s highlights: pancit and sinigang! And here’s good news for Mandaluyong people and those who live nearby: there’s a new delivery and take-out diner to satisfy those Pinoy classic food cravings! Be it a birthday, corporate meeting, or just any simple ‘salo-salo’ with the family, Ha-inan Delivery and Take Out says ‘Treat Ko Na ‘To’ and now proves to be the answer to your ‘handaan’ problems.

Most of us were raised to have noodles like pancit at every celebration; adults say it’s for long life and we have now become accustomed to this. Sinigang, on the other hand, has been our favorite ‘Pinoy’ ulam ever since. Well, Ha-inan offers these iconic dishes with twists!

We’ve tried them all: pancit with thick noodles, thin noodles, overflowing vegetable toppings and meat, black-colored noodles, dried and saucy; but they serve something new to pancit fans and it’s their Pancit Canton Guisado paired with Chili Paste. Sinigang Steak is something you might not have tried before – a Ha-inan dish that is sure to be your next favorite. They’re definitely new to the table and we’re witnesses on why you should order and try them.

It’s already appetizing at first glance!

Topped with our favorite garnishes such as crispy and fried pork cuts plus other cuts of meat, their Pancit Guisado comes with a special chili sauce that has been getting a lot of attention from the first-time tasters.

How spicy can you go? Mix pancit with the special chili sauce and get your fix.

The owners say that this sauce came all the way from Davao (and shhh, it’s their secret!). True enough, it’s something you would want to order again and again! If you’re not a fan of pancit, this might change your heart. The noodles, the vegetables, and the meat are all mixed up in one savory delight; the elements blend together perfectly. You’ll get good value for money at a single order of Php75 up to a serving of 21-25 persons at Php990.

Generous cuts of beef brisket for a small group of 3-5 persons

Also, it’s perfect for people who are already sick of the same old fast food that most of us resort to when we speak of gatherings and there isn’t enough time to cook. The Sinigang Steak really deserves your attention. Don’t expect to gulp soup, because it’s the sour and savory sauce that will get you hooked on it. The beef is moderately tender and its thick sauce will provide a new texture to your tastebuds while still providing the familiar taste of our Pinoy iconic sinigang.

Sinigang Steak is also ready for take-out!

This dish is made of beef brisket complemented with the veggies we love in our usual Sinigang. It’s a winner treat for a small order of Php480 (3-5 persons) or large at Php850 (8-10persons). Also, this one’s gonna make you eat two or three rounds of rice!

Can you imagine a feast with all these Pinoy favorites now?

Aside from these treats, they also offer other classics, such as Okoy, which was one of our favorites because of its crunch accompanied by an addicting vinegar dip; Pancit Malabon topped with squid that will make you go for a round two; their Empanaditas that will never be enough for your appetite with its variants of goodness such as Beef Taco, Pizza Pie and Creamy Chicken; and last but not the least from our long list of favorites, MaSisig, their house special sisig that never loses its sumptuous taste – sizzling or not.

Since they give their best to serve freshly-made food, they advise their customers to allow 1 and a half hours for delivery and 45 minutes for takeout items. Not bad when the dish is deliciously worth the wait!  You can also drop by their place and take some out for pasalubong!

Ha-inan Delivery and Take Out

09215437456 or 245-5856 and 636-1686

488 Barangka Drive cor Camiguin St., Brgy. Malamig, Mandaluyong



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