Palawan Makes It to List of ‘Most Popular Destinations for Post-Lockdown Travel’

Although there is no news yet on when international travel will be allowed again (in fact, DoT says foreign travel is unlikely during the entirety of 2020), you have to admit that you’ve dreamed about it at least once during quarantine. I personally miss traveling like crazy. For someone who has traveled all of her life and who used to travel a lot for work, being cooped up at home has proven to be a real change of pace for me. As such, daydreaming about travel is something that I do almost everyday.

Best Big 7 recently created a survey of their social media audience, looked at which destinations their readers have searched for on the site, and took into account the trending holiday locations on Google Search within the past month to create a list of the Most Popular Destinations for Post-Lockdown Travel.

With so many islands to be found in the Philippines, it really isn’t surprising that one of our very own islands made it onto the list – and in the Top 5, to boot! Here are the Top 10 Most Popular Destinations for Post-Lockdown Travel as per Best Big 7:

10. Iceland

9. Hawaii, USA

8. Kerry, Ireland

7. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA

6. Koh Tao, Thailand

5. Palawan, Philippines

4. Algarve, Portugal

3. Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy

2. South Island, New Zealand

1. Santorini, Greece

See the full list of Big 7’s Most Popular Destinations to Travel Post-Lockdown here.

It really isn’t surprising that Palawan has made it so high onto the list. Even when I first moved here, the first place that people recommended that I visit was Palawan – and by the time I made it there, I could see why. The place is like paradise. The waters are gorgeous. The atmosphere is calming. And there is so much to see. …and now I’m back to daydreaming about travel again. Sigh.

What’s the first place you plan on visiting once we’re allowed to travel again?

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