Palaruan Arcade: A Neon-Inspired Arcade for Filipinos

There are a lot of ways to promote nationalism. For the owner of Palaruan Arcade, it’s incorporating Filipino elements with contemporary twists into his business.

Palaruan started as a dream to spread joy through present-day entertainment: an arcade! However, as time passed by, the owner thought it could be something Filipinos of all ages could enjoy and proudly call their own. Thus, the concept came to be.

The design of Palaruan Arcade is ‘Modern Filipino’. The logo is in Baybayin, the ancient way of writing the Tagalog alphabet. To add to that, the color scheme of the whole interior is aligned with the Philippine Flag: blue, red, and white. It is also created so that millennials will appreciate it.

The arcade boasts of heavy rays of blue neon light with a few streaks of red and white. There’s even a pretty minimalist photo booth with a flower garden.

There are currently 33 video games available at Palaruan Arcade. You can expect classics like basketball, car racing, and claw machines.

There are also exciting games like pinball machines, a punching bag, and Aquarium Frenzy. Many more will follow as business operations continue.

Tokens are priced at 5 pesos each, but there are also several ongoing promotions. There’s the coin combo, for example, where you can buy 25 tokens for P100 instead of P125. You can also get 25 FREE tokens when you buy 50 tokens (coin combo promotion NOT APPLICABLE; must be regularly priced).

If you’re famished, Palaruan Arcade has a great selection of milk tea for everyone! Flavors include Original, Okinawa, Wintermelon, Taro, Hazelnut, Choco, Banana, Choco Banana, and Cookies n Cream (with your choice of Pearl or Nata). I highly recommend Banana Milktea. Some say it tastes like the Banana Milk drink from Korea. Try it and let us know if you agree!

Prices range from P70 to P85.

There are also other items available, such as fruit teas (Lychee Green/Black Tea at Lemon Green/Black Tea) for P70 and lemonade for P50. Fries (P30) and other snacks like cup noodles and biscuits are also available.

That aside, the place is undoubtedly Instagram-worthy. The neon lights are bound to create mesmerizing photos that you’ll adore. The owner allows everyone to take photos as long as they buy tokens or refreshments first.

If you’re thinking of renting Palaruan Arcade all to yourself for an event or private shoot, you can rent the place at a negotiable price. Just send a message to Palaruan Arcade’s Facebook page containing the following details: date, duration, type of event, and number of attendees.

It’s nice seeing more and more brands promoting local culture. With beauty and quality like that of Palaruan Arcade, it may not take long for the Philippines to grow as a country in unity.

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Palaruan Arcade

4th Floor, LRT Northmall, Caloocan

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