Paincake Patrol Releases New Album to Promote the Beauty of Life

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Following the launch of his EP //Social Constructs in December 2015, electronic ambient musician Eeman Bulotano III will be launching Paincake Patrol’s first-ever album at SaGuijo Cafe + Bar on August 6, 2016, 8PM. The 15-track album entitled Consonance/Dissonance focuses on appreciating life through accepting all its sides, faces and aspects.

“#wewillsleep to wake up with brand new eyes and see that beauty can be found everywhere and nowhere”
– from Paincake Patrol’s Facebook event page

Like all of his other creations, the album encourages listeners to think of, contemplate about and learn from their experiences and more.

“The EP [//Social Constructs] dealt with existential crisis and about how we perceive our reality and how our views may be views of other people that we have absorbed as our own without questioning,” Eeman explains. “[The album] is the continuation of that journey.”

This time, Consonance/Dissonance is a two-fold exploration as it pushes them to see the wonder in all experiences in life, whether good or bad. Exploring the concepts of confusion and clarity, the album is presented in booklet-form. Each narrative, which discusses consonance, dissonance and other ideas, is partnered with a track that is meant to be played while one is reading.

“I want people to see the beauty of both sides and somehow, maybe reach out to those who feel empty,” adds Eeman. “That maybe emptiness isn’t such a bad thing and that being empty means we can absorb more and become an entirely different and hopefully better person.”

Eeman hopes that through this project, he can send his message across of how both opposing sides in life are essential, especially to the youth. He believes that life should be lived to the fullest no matter how empty one’s life may be or otherwise. Through Consonance/Dissonance, he aims to help spread awareness about depression. He also aims to show his support to the cause by donating part of his proceeds for the album to an organization that shares the same advocacy as he does. Details about this organization will be revealed soon.

“[Emptiness and meaning of life] are mere reflections of each other,” he claims. “And there’s more to life than just eating and money. It’s time that we all realize and accept that depression is real and can lead to fatal consequences.”

While the event is being staged for an advocacy that should be taken seriously, the launch is promised to be as chill and at the same time emotional as the ambient musician’s tracks, such as Reactor and Manufactured Serendipity. Joining him onstage are MOONWLK, Nights of Rizal, Coeli, S E R I E S, Alisson Shore, and Audio Drive Thru. Spoken word poetry will also be performed by Carla Nicoyco, Sam Changcoco and Erika Laraya. A collage art exhibit by Zom Kashwak will also be featured during the event.

Tickets are available at the door for P200. This event is presented by Docdef Productions. For more information and updates regarding the event, visit the Consonance/Dissonance event page on Facebook.

You may also check out this link to the event:

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