Paincake Patrol Launches Consonance/Dissonance


Despite the heavy downpour, saGuijo Cafe + Bar Events was still filled with familiar faces, friends and strangers who were all connected by their collective eagerness for art to touch their souls last Saturday, August 6, 2016 as Eeman Bulotano III together with Docdef Productions launched Paincake Patrol’s first album entitled Consonance/Dissonance.

With beautiful lights and a cozy ambiance, saGujio was different from the usual: the vibe was very chill yet intimate. Nevertheless, this did not stop anybody from having as much fun. Art collages by Zom Kashawk were exhibited while spoken word poetry and performances from different music genres unfolded as the night went on.

Audio Drive Thru energetically opened the night. Coeli serenaded the crowd next with the cello and guitar filling the room, followed by Sam Changcoco who performed the first spoken word performance for the night.

Nights of Rizal and Alisson Shore kept the crowd pumped with original and cover songs, with a momentary silence in between performances as Erica Laraya took the mic with another spoken word performance. Petschool followed shortly after with some dark, ambient poetry.


Then came the highlight of the night. As Paincake Patrol owned the stage, the crowd briefly entered a trance as he played several tracks from his new album. It was comfort and chaos; confusion and clarity; life and death.


Carla Nicoyo’s words then reverberated in the final spoken word performance of the night. It was almost midnight but the crowd was still singing along as Moonwlk electrified the stage. It did not stop there as the crowd’s art intoxication was still on a high even after the last performer S E R I E S has already left the stage.

With the hashtag #wewillsleep, those who were at the launch were lulled to sleep only to wake up with a renewed belief that every aspect of life is beautiful and that one should always be hopeful no matter what situation they are in. Paincake Patrol, through his album, made sure that every soul seeking for answers and solace will find it in every beat of his music.

With a hope of uplifting all forms of art in the country, Eeman encouraged everyone to grab a copy of his album as part of the proceeds will be donated to 804-HOPE, the first suicide hotline in the Philippines. Supporting this cause is Fgmnts, a non-profit group that aims to provide a platform where everyone can be given a chance to share their art.

More than an album launch, the event encouraged artists and art lovers alike to appreciate art and to continue fostering it even further. It was a melting pot for different forms of art where people were introduced to fresh faces and new music.

Paincake Patrol’s Consonance/Dissonance is composed of 15 tracks, each accompanied by a narrative that talks about the two facets of life.

More photos from the event available here:

Words by: Sairah Rivera

Photography by: Jillian Fontanilla

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