Pagtanaw: Viewing Through Filipino Contemporary Music

As we all face the pandemic that is Covid-19, the country’s artists strive to continue and fulfill their purpose in society. One of which is a classical contemporary ensemble, Ripieno Ensemble PH who are dedicated to the promotion and performance of Filipino contemporary music since 2015.

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The Ripieno Ensemble will be offering a mini-concert series from June 23 to July 14, 2021 called Pagtanaw; a four-part series about love, nation, faith, and nature. It is a four-episode series that will be streamed from the Facebook page and the YouTube channel of the Ripieno Ensemble PH. The series connects us to the past while refreshing our senses with modern Philippine music.

Pagtanaw aims to expand the horizon of Philippine contemporary music virtually, something that has always been part of the goals of the Ripieno Ensemble PH. In this concert, you will hear traditional Kundiman set into modernized arrangements for the ensemble.

The program will also feature works by the National Artist for Music Dr. Ramon Santos, composer and professor Dr. Jonas Baes, and the ensemble’s artistic director AJ Villanueva.

This series is made possible with the partnership of Ripieno Ensemble and Manila Composers Lab with the Goethe-Institut Philippines, in collaboration with Toothless Productions and Mu-waves Germany.