Paglaya: No Fear in Freedom

04Poster with Sponsors

In their endeavor of providing avenues for the students of the College of Allied Medical Professions (CAMP) to gain better wellness in general, and since Mental Health is one form of health and wellness that has not been tackled as much as fitness, the Alliance in Wellness and Sports of the Allied Medical Profession Students (AWSAMS) has decided to organize a Mental Health Fair Forum in order to further spread the advocacy of Mental Health, and to further show its significance and relevance in the lives of students as they balance their personal lives with their academic responsibilities, among many other commitments.

This Mental Health Fair will be attended by not only students of the University of the Philippines Manila, but also, representatives from the partner organizations inside and outside the university, faculty members and staff as well.

This will happen on the 28th of April 2018 (Saturday) from 10 in the morning up to 3 in the afternoon at the Nurses’ Social Hall in the Philippine General Hospital compound.