Pages Deli: The Way to Every Bookworm’s Stomach


When in Manila, I am always on the lookout for new things that cater to my personal taste. Well, I love books. And God knows I love food. So, suffice to say, Pages Deli definitely caters to my taste. In fact, I fell in love with Pages Deli before we even met – but I’ll get to that later.







Pages Deli is located at the Streetscape of Shangri-La Mall and is the perfect place to go to if you are craving a massive and delicious sandwich while hoping to get away from the busy mall.








The best part is that Pages Deli now offers pastas, salads, rice meals, soups and desserts, as well, in case you or your date/friend/relative/fictional literary boyfriend isn’t in the mood for a sandwich at the time.








Inspired by the same love for books and for food that I have, Pages Deli is decorated with all sorts of literary references: from a mirror with a quote from “The Picture of Dorian Gray” on it to books standing askant on shelves.





Comfortable leather chairs play up the cozy European vibe of the Pages Deli, as well.




As mentioned earlier, I fell in love with Pages Deli before we even met. Why? Well, I got a sneak peek of their menu and found out that every single gourmet sandwich in Pages Deli is named after a popular piece of literature. Inventive, eh? Here are the ones that we ordered when we decided to try out Pages Deli:





The Little Mermaid (Php380)




On the menu, it stated: Snug in a buttery croissant bread, this smoked salmon delight had come to be part of our world. Pages Deli is brilliant, I tell you.


I have to say that, although the croissant was flaky and it took me a while how to figure out how to eat it without making a huge mess, it was delicious. The serving of salmon was generous and not too smoked – definitely a sandwich worth coming back for, though not the kind you should eat on a date.





The New York Times Bestseller (Php400)




Apparently, This sandwich is on top of Pages Deli‘s lists! or so the menu said. And, so, my friend Jacob decided to order it. He actually made a ton of yummy-sounds while eating it, so it’s safe to say that this sandwich is a bestseller at Pages Deli for a reason!








And just when we thought Pages Deli couldn’t get any better, we were surprised with little scrolls that came with our sandwiches. Apparently, all of the sandwiches at Pages Deli come with these scrolls and they house quotes from the books that the sandwiches were named after.


And, since everyday is a new page in life, each sandwich at Pages Deli gets a new scroll everyday, too. This means that you will never get sick of reading the same thing over and over again, even if you keep ordering the same sandwich on every visit. Are you enamored by Pages Deli yet? 





Magnificent Grape Shake (Php90)




The grape shake at Pages Deli is the perfect thirst quencher for health buffs. Not only is it icy enough to cool you down on a hot day, but there are fruit bits in it and the sweetness is just right. Truly magnificent!


And, since it’s the part of the meal that I always look forward to, we tasted three different kinds of desserts at Pages Deli





Red Velvet Cake (price varies)




Since I am a sucker for red velvet, I chose to have a piece of red velvet cake. I am really picky with my red velvet cakes, though, so I am delighted to say that their cream cheese frosting at Pages Deli was absolutely perfect. I loved it instantly!





Apple Pie (price varies)




Jacob, on the other hand, is a sucker for apple pie. And the one at Pages Deli didn’t let him down, either. It had stewed apple bits topped with sweet brown sugar crumbles and chocolate syrup. So good! Definitely a pie for every apple pie lover to try!





Trio Cake (price varies)




If you love chocolate, though, then you might want to give the Trio Cake at Pages Deli a try instead. It has a brownie base, a mid-layer of cheesecake and then another layer of chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.



The book lover in me practically died of eating too much that day, but I have no complaints. Except… I wish the desserts at Pages Deli had literary names, too. Maybe Little Red Riding Hood for the red velvet cake?



So, When in Manila, nourish your book-loving stomach at Pages Deli!





Pages Deli

The Streetscape, G/F Shangri-La Plaza Mall, Mandaluyong







Pages Deli: The Way to Every Bookworm’s Stomach