Paellas Y Mas: Comfort Food in the South

Known for its laidback and easy-breezy lifestyle, Alabang’s coziness has made it a prime spot for relaxing, hanging out, and taking one’s time. Such a culture extends to its growing food scene as several establishments have made their way into Alabang’s commercial centers (like in Madison and Festival Supermall). In another corner beside Starbucks at Festival is Paellas Y Mas, one of the mall’s newest restaurant-cafes.

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Formerly a similar Spanish-themed restaurant, Paellas Y Mas rebranded, renovated, and reopened last year. It stands out as one of the only restaurants in the South that offers Spanish-style food, particularly the beloved paella (which is a popular takeout order for the folks at Paellas Y Mas).

With its pleasant ambience and millennial interior design, Paellas Y Mas looks like the kind of place you choose for a family dinner or a barkada reunion. All the while, it makes no claims to Spanish authenticity and proudly proclaims to serve Spanish-Filipino comfort food – a promise that they deliver superbly. (And at very affordable prices, too.)

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While their name emphasizes on paella, it’s a restaurant that has something mouthwatering in store for each part of their menu. (And trust me: you will want to order something from each part of the menu.)


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Chorizo Cheese Sticks (P235)

Their chorizo cheese sticks—never before encountered in other restaurants around Manila—bring something new to the table. With just the right hint of chorizo and a cheese tastier than those of kiddie party cheese sticks, this chewy appetizer raises the bar as far as unconventional cheese sticks go.

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Crispy Tentacles (P225)

A longtime favorite, the crispy squid tentacles come crispier and tastier than before with Paellas Y Mas’ signature garlic aioli sauce.

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Gambas (P275)

Main Course

paellas y mas

Oysters Sisig (P295)

Great news — you no longer have to wait for your next trip to Boracay to eat oyster sisig since it is now available at Paellas Y Mas. A new addition to their menu, this savory dish is so flavourfully satisfying, you just won’t seem to get enough of it.

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Deboned Crispy Pasta (P650)

I’m not a big fan of crispy pata, but an exception has to be made for theirs. They have a special way of cooking it, so that the balat ends up very crispy and crunchy, while the meat does not stay dry but tender enough to melt in your mouth.

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Paella Negra (P525)

Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without their paella. Their paella negra also has garlic aioli sauce spared on top, which pairs very well with the rice.


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From front to back: Frozen Brazo (P135) and Yema Cake (P135)

Frozen Brazo de Mercedes is their bestselling dessert and is an absolute must-try. They add ice cream in between the yema layer and the graham crust, ending with one of the best Frozen Brazos around the metro.


Despite how much your stomach can be filled here, a hearty meal at Paellas Y Mas still has room for a glass of their sangria, a perfect drink to go with their dishes.

paellas y mas

Sangria (P185/glass; P495/pitcher)

Even with the many dishes featured here, there is still so much more on the menu that makes you want to come back to try them. Living up to their tagline of Spanish-Filipino Comfort Food, they’re all about good food that you can keep coming back to in a place you can call your new favorite.

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Paellas Y Mas

2F Level Festival Supermall, Alabang, Muntinlupa


Instagram: @paellasymasph


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