Pacquiao Meets Jeff Horn For The First Time

Jeff Horn Pacquiao

Pacquiao has met his Australian opponent Jeff Horn for the first time today, according to sports reports! at the venue where local promoters are expecting a crowd of 55,000 for the WBO welterweight world title bout.

The two boxers faced each other at the venue of WBO welterweight world title bout.

Horn is challenging Pacquiao for the WBO welterweight belt. The 29-year-old fighter is a trained teacher who took up boxing because he was bullied at high school, and went professional in 2013, with a record of 16-0-1.

According to the boxing senator:

“If you ask inside my heart, I have confidence to win the fight, but I’m not taking it lightly. I’m not underestimating him.”

Pacquiao admitted that he did not know much about Jeff Horn prior to arriving in Australia, but said that the Aussie fighter’s style could make for an interesting match:

“I want an opponent that wants to fight toe-to-toe, throwing a lot of punches, aggressive. My style is to throw a lot of punches and I believe that will be very effective for Jeff Horn’s style. That’s why I accepted this fight.”

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