Pablo Escobar’s Brother Is Suing Netflix For $1 Billion

Pablo Escobar’s family is suing Netflix over a copyright claim against the TV series “Narcos”, for $1 billion, according to Hollywood reports!

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At the helm of this expensive lawsuit is none other than Pablo Escobar’s brother, Roberto de Jesus Escobar Gaviria, who owns the company Escobar Inc. Gaviria filed the $1-billion lawsuit last year over the allegation that Netflix used the name of the infamous drug cartel lord without permission.

And although Gaviria said in a 2014 interview with VICE that the cartel life was “all behind me” now, he did release some pretty chilling statements in relation to the pending case, dropping mentions of his previous connections.

Gaviria said:

I don’t want Netflix or any other film production company to film any movies in Medellin or Colombia that relates to me or my brother Pablo without authorization from Escobar Inc. It is very dangerous. Especially without our blessing. This is my country.”

In light of the recent killing of veteran Narcos location scout Carlos Muñoz Portal in Mexico, Gaviria had only this to say about the Netflix crew’s security: “Netflix should provide hitmen to their people as security.”

And if Netflix doesn’t give Escobar Inc. what they want? Says Gaviria rather straightforwardly: “If we don’t receive it, we will close their little show.”

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