P37,500 Scholarships! DEADLINE MONDAY 12NOON!!!

****Deadline is on Monday, Oct 12, 2009 at 12noon Manila time!!!

Yes, it’s a short time frame coz the classes start on Tuesday! And that way… maybe there will be less people who compete, so we won’t have to pick through too many… =)


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Giveaway mechanics –

WhenInManila+Maven Secrets blogpost contest –

1.) Scholarships to take the Maven Secrets (www.mavensecrets.com) (professional blogging and internet marketing education) class with internet mastermind Anton Diaz of www.OurAwesomePlanet.com

  • One full scholarship worth P25,000
  • One half scholarship worth P12,500

Contest rules –

So, you want to win a scholarship to the Maven Secrets class by renowned Internet marketing maven Anton Diaz? It’s easy to join, just do the following –

1.) Create a blog post about what you love about the Philippines.
2.) At the end of your post, you must write “So next time When In Manila, (insert what you love here).” Check out our travel section write-ups to see samples of this – TRAVEL
3.) Also tell us why you want to win the Maven Secrets scholarship.
4.) Create a link on your blog post to WhenInManila.com
5.) E-mail the link to your blog post to us at jason@wheninmanila.com

That’s it! Easy right? The best 1 wins a Mavens Secrets scholarship worth PHP 25,000.00 while the runner-up gets a half-scholarship worth PHP 12,500.00.

Thanks to Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet and Maven Secrets!


Maven Secrets Program Calendar

(Maven Secrets 2.0 AIM BATCH)
October 2009-December 2009

TTH 6 – 9pm and some Saturdays (Sat time to be determined)

October 13, Tuesday | Maven Secrets Introduction

October 15, Thursday | Meet a Maven Series

I. The Maven Philosophy

October 20, Tuesday | Secret # 1: The Internet Maven Mindset – What distinguishes the Mavens from the wannabes

October 22, Thursday | Meet a Maven Series

October 27, Tuesday | Secret # 2: Internet Maven Success Triangle: Content is King + Marketing is Queen + Advocacy is the Ace

October 29, Thursday | Meet a Maven Series

November 3, Tuesday | Secret #3 Your Path to Becoming a Maven – Finding Your Strengths and Knowing Who You are

November 5, Thursday | Meet a Maven Series

II. The Secret Strategies and Proven Techniques of an Internet Maven

November 10, Tuesday | Secret # 4: Masters of Pinoy Word of Mouth Marketing

November 12, Thursday | Meet a Maven Series

November 17, Tuesday | Secret # 5: Dominating the Search Engines and Social Media the Maven Way!

November 19, Thursday | Meet a Maven Series

November 22, Tuesday | Secret # 6: The Different Internet Business Models | Turn Your Words and Photos into CASH

November 24, Thursday | Meet a Maven Series

December 1, Tuesday | Secret # 7 Maven Weapons of Mass Influence

December 3, Thursday | Meet a Maven Series

III. Dominating Your Niche Through MAVEN Marketing

December 8, Tuesday | Secret # 8: The Secret of the Internet Marketing Game – The CORE Influence of Building 1-to-1 Relationship

December 10, Thursday | Meet a Maven Series

December 15, Tuesday | Secret # 9: The Maven Marketing Strategy – Your Maven Persona

December 17, Tuesday | Maven Secrets Grand Reunion and Graduation! .

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