P.I. Job Experiment: American Taxi Drivers in the Philippines

These are my friends, Tory and Jason. They moved to the Philippines because the economy is really tough right now in America, with the recession, job layoffs, crashed housing market and all.

They’ve lived in the Philippines before and love the people, the food and the beautiful landscapes here. But now, they want to move here for good! So that means they have to get a job in the Philippines! And that’s how the “P.I. Job Experiment” was born!

Join these two fun Americans as they try out the coolest, weirdest and most “Filipino” jobs in the Philippines!

In this first episode, watch as they try running a taxi cab in the province of Isabela! Would you get into that cab with two white guys in wife-beaters barking in Tagalog?

Turock (aka Tory) and Jason have been running their taxi in the philippines for the past year.

They both lost Jobs in the USA and picked up and moved to the Philippines to look for jobs. Jobs in the Philippines are scarce but starting a taxi service made sense considering the success of Panama City airport car rental service.

This is a video of their very first try. They are running a taxi in the province of Isabela thru to Cagayan. Their route starts in Santiago and makes stops in Alicia, Cauayan, Ilagan, Tuguegarao. They only charge 30PHP per trip, MAY AIR CON PA! So the next time you are in Isabela sana sumakay kayo sa taxi nina Jason ni Tory!

Oh and here are some pics of P.I. Job Experiment Tory and Jason when they guested on my radio show called “The G-Spot” with DJ Vince G on Mellow 94.7

Here’s a picture of me interviewing them while Jason was checking out WhenInManila.com

So next time, When In Manila, do check out the funny videos from Tory and Jason’s “P.I. Job Experiment! See them try out the local jobs and try to blend in with the locals! Oh and do be sure to keep an eye out for them and say hi if you ever see them the next time you call for a taxi cab in the Philippines.

(Philippine Islands) P.I. Job Experiment can be contacted at: info@­philippinesjobexperiment.com

Follow them on twitter: http://twitter.com/PIJobexperiment

Find them on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/PI-Job-Experiment

Watch out for new episodes of P.I. Job Experiment coming soon!

P.I. Job Experiment: American Taxi Drivers in the Philippines

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