Owner Buys His Dog Two Gold Apple Watches Worth $10,000 Each

dog gold apple watch (2)

That is one lucky husky!

According to a post from shanghaiist.com, Wang Sicong, the son of one of the richest men in China, Wang Jialin, apparently bought his dog two gold Apple watches that are believed to be retailing at $10,000 each (approximately half a million pesos each). This was based from the photos he posted of his dog wearing the two Apple watches on Chinese social media site Weibo.

dog gold apple watch (1)

The photos were captioned with:

I have new watches! I’m supposed to have four watches since I have four long legs. But that seems too uncouth so I kept it down to two, which totally fits my status. Do you have one?

These gold Apple watches are the top-of-the-line variant of Apple’s latest wearables. Aside from their steep price tag, there currently a three- to four-week waiting time to get one of these.

dog gold apple watch (3)

Additionally, aside from having these luxurious wearables, this canine also has Fendi bags and only drinks Fiji bottled water.

Although we’re not sure how the husky shows appreciation for his gold Apple watches, the owner really knows how to spoil his canine friend. 

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