OWN Cosmetics: Organic Tints and Blushes Made for the Pinay Skin

Are you a full-face makeup kind of gal? Or do you prefer the lowkey-flushed-cheeks-and-plump-moisturized-reddish-lips drama for your everyday look? No matter the style you prefer, you have got to try this organic local make-up line.

OWN Cosmetics is a startup makeup and skincare company founded by two young Filipino women. The goal is to cater to every skin type, every complexion, and every budget. Because, as they say, “self-care does not have to be expensive”. So they came up with products that go well with what OWN stands for—One With Nature. Plus, not only are OWN products non-toxic and organic, they’re also locally made, cruelty-free, and proudly Filipina!

At the moment, OWN offers four amazing flagship skin and face essentials which can be used easily and daily, because they’re totally safe:

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1. Blooming Blush

Blooming Blush is Kaolin clay-based blush for your cheeks. For a long-lasting flush that is matte and non-sticky, just use your fingers. Swipe them on your cheeks, and you’re good to go!

(c) OWN Cosmetics

(c) OWN Cosmetics

Blooming Blush is available in two shades: Shiraz (a brick kind of red) and Hibiscus (peachy orange).

2. Tropical Tint

A moisturizing, water-based tint, Tropical Tint will give your lips that just-been-kissed rush of color. It comes with an applicator, but you can always use your fingertips to spread the tint evenly.

(c) OWN Cosmetics

Tropical Tint is available in three shades: Rhubarb, Dahlia, and Mahogany

3. Serene Scrub

Chapped lips can not only be painful, they also make lipstick application a lot of work. So let this exfoliating lip scrub do the work for you. Just put a small amount on your lips and rub for two minutes to exfoliate them. Then wipe it off with dry cloth for a plump and smooth pout. Oh, and have we mentioned they come in pretty pink crystals? 

(c) OWN Cosmetics

4. Silky Serum

Finish the day off with this easy-to-use, lightweight moisturizer that is water-based and non-greasy. Just a few drops on your face will go a long way. Use it before bedtime, or before applying sunblock in the morning for smoother and firmer skin.

(c) OWN Cosmetics

What’s your favorite skin care product? Tell us in the comments!

OWN Cosmetics

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Email: owncosmetics.ph@gmail.com


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