Outbreak Missions: The Narrows

When In Manila, if you’re looking for thrill and excitement in your runs, Outbreak Missions is the run for you. 

Outbreak Missions is a separate event series brought to us by the organizers of Outbreak Manila, the longest-running zombie-themed run in the Philippines. “Outbreak Missions is not all about running– it’s a lot of quick thinking, teamwork, and decision-making. If you love zombie-themed movies, shows, and video games, then this is your chance to get off the coach and experience the thrill firsthand”, says organizer Angelo Cruz.

Outbreak Missions the Narrows 4


Outbreak Missions: The Narrows

I’ve been to two of Outbreak Manila‘s run and I can say that Outbreak Manila has been very successful in putting thrill and excitement to their zombie infested runs. So when I heard of Outbreak Missions, I knew that I cannot miss it! Outbreak Missions involved solving missions while running away from zombies. Two clear missions were to be accomplished: to find a rumored cure at a mission called The Adarna Initiative; and second, to find a bus that will bring them out of the infected zone at The Narrows. The Adarna Initiative was held last October 4 and October 18 and The Narrows last October 19.

Despite the long day I had, I drove all the way to Filinvest City, Alabang to my mission: The Narrows

Outbreak Missions the Narrows 5So ready for my mission! 

Outbreak Missions the Narrows 3

Thousands of people came to experience The Narrows. My brother, his girlfriend and I joined the first wave to be released. Our mission is to find the bus that will lead to the safe zone with at least one life flag left. We had to join a group to complete a group of 10 before we were officially released to start.

What each of us had were life belts with 3 flags that represent our lives and maps to our target destination. 

Outbreak Missions the Narrows 10Ready to be zombified?

Like the other outbreaks, the participants were at hype at the first 500 meters of the route, avoiding every zombie as much as possible. It was also the scariest part since zombies will really horde and chase your flags away. At the outbreak missions, we started with the post-apocalyptic army camp then strategized with our team to reach the mall passageways.

Outbreak Missions

And because I got injured at the first stretch, our team mates decided to go ahead of us. I felt sad because my brother, his girlfriend and I were left alone, but we didn’t stop and decided to go on. We ran and walked around the vicinity of Filinvest City to reach the entrance of Festival Mall. From there we went up and around the mall, chose which route to take just to finish the mission. 

Outbreak Missions the Narrows 12

Outbreak Missions the Narrows 13

 A lot of instances wherein we had to decide where and who to follow. Sometimes ending up with more zombies to face. Nevertheless, I’m glad we three finished the course together and alive. 

Outbreak Missions the Narrows 15Believe mo or not?

Outbreak Missions the Narrows 19Where to?

Outbreak Missions the Narrows 18Happy to be complete and alive!

Outbreak Missions the Narrows 22We conquered the narrows!

Outbreak Missions is probably the most thrilling and exciting run I’ve joined. Despite being injured the whole time, I had fun because I didn’t miss the chance to experience it! I acted like a zombie, quietly walked past a group of blind zombies, screamed and shouted, and made quick decisions to survive. After all, outbreak missions is all about making the right choice to stay alive. 

When In Manila, you still have a chance to experience Outbreak Missions with The Adarna Initiative Director’s Cut happening on Nov. 16, 2013. What are you waiting for? Register now! 


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Outbreak Missions is co-presented by Filinvest City, Festival Supermall; presented by Boardwalk, Fox, Summit Natural Drinking Water; in cooperation with Impact High Performance Whey Protein, Smart, Mogu Mogu, Coleman, Booster C Energy Shot, and Makeup Design Academy. It is also brought to you by Bellevue Manila, Cello’s Doughnuts, Berocca, Toby’s, Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza, BROOKS, RUNNR, Symbol Science, Burnwater ArtxDesign, Pelicola.Tv, WheninManila.com, Pinoy Fitness, ClickTheCity, Gala Magazine, Mellow 94.7, philSTAR.com, INQUIRER.net, and Hyundai Philippines.

For more information, visit outbreakmanila.com/missions or find Outbreak Manila on Facebook.


Outbreak Missions: The Narrows