Outbreak Manila 2: Night Run with the Zombies!

When In Manila, are you ready to outrun the ZOMBIE OUTBREAK? Well, over 7,000 runners did last July 28, 2012 at Bonifacio Global City, Taguig! Read on to find out what happened!



Outbreak Manila 2 BGC 0

Outbreak Manila 2: Are you ready? 



Outbreak Manila 2 invades BGC!



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Outbreak Manila 2 is 5-kilometer obstacle run that featured 35 waves of runners whose goal is to outrun the ZOMBIE infested course and finish it with their best time with at least ONE LIFE FLAG secured on their belts! Looks easy? Not as I thought!


Comparing to the previous Outbreak Manila held at Nuvali last April 2012, Outbreak Manila 2 gives its runners the thrill of running from the zombies during the night! 



As early as 5pm, runners were already pooling the streets of the zombie infested area. At the entrance was a strip full of sponsors that gave freebies. Runners in costumes can also be seen left and right; not to miss the zombies who were out strolling too.   



Outbreak Manila 2 BGC 1

 Outbreak Manila 2 runners posing with a zombie!


Outbreak Manila 2 BGC 3 horz

Outbreak Manila 2: First pair of zombies I saw. 


We immediately went to the media registration site to get our life flags and media passes. I was very much undecided at first whether or not to run. I was scared but also curious on how it would feel to be chased by zombies! In the end, I decide to run with my friends. We joined the wave 6 runners. Booster-C shots were given to all runners at the starting line to boost up everyone’s energy!



Outbreak Manila 2 BGC 7   Outbreak Manila 2 BGC 8

Outbreak Manila 2: Media passes and friends ready to run!


Well of course, rules have to be followed during the entire run. This is to ensure also the safety of the Zombies. Runners are expected to have read the rules prior the event, but the organizers were very cautious enough to put up drawing signage of the rules along the entrance of the race. Which was so cool! So, no one has an excuse that he isn’t aware of a certain rule. So when you violate a rule or so, you get ousted from the race. 🙂




 Outbreak Manila 2: Don’ts



Outbreak Manila 2 BGC 38

Outbreak Manila 2: Ready Set Go!



 Outbreak Manila 2: My Experience


When the go signal was given out, the runners were all sprinting! I was surprised that they were all so eager, but right at the first corner, the group started dispersing because a zombie was already waiting for flags! I almost hit the zombie, good thing he wasn’t able to get any flag from me. I screamed my lungs out (just as expected) when the zombie started chasing me! Hahaha. I felt so tired after running a short distance, but wasn’t really walking because I don’t want to get left behind! 


Fro what I’ve observed, runners mostly got their injuries at this area mainly because of the adrenaline rush. Good thing, the first aid team were very efficient in handling injured runners! 


Outbreak Manila 2 BGC 10

Outbreak Manila 2


The route was almost the same as the regular 5K distance fun run, except for the Zombies lurking around and chasing runners. Obstacles were also built on some parts to add more fun! The first one I saw was the “garter-ed obstacle” as I call it, and at the end were 3 zombies waiting for flags! It took me a while to get through it, right after, I ran as fast as I could only to find myself running until the end of the street.



Outbreak Manila 2 BGC 11

Outbreak Manila 2


Some zombies I saw along the way.. 🙂 Who would have thought they had all these costumes in mind..


Outbreak Manila 2 BGC 12

Outbreak Manila 2 : Nurse Zombie just after the obstacle


Outbreak Manila 2 BGC 13 horz

 Outbreak Manila 2


Outbreak Manila 2 BGC 22 horz

Outbreak Manila 2


Outbreak Manila 2 BGC 19 horz

 Outbreak Manila 2


The second obstacle was the chimes.. Felt really creepy passing through them. good thing, I have my camera with me,  so the zombies weren’t really paying attention to me. I still have 2 more flags left. When I ran to a nurse zombie, I was commending her for her costume, then she just got one life flag from me! I was so surprised that I ran  and screamed as far as I could. Hahaha. It was an experience though… NEVER TRUST ZOMBIESSS!! 


 There were also safe zones during the course where runners have to look for free life flags, too bad that when we passed through it, there were no flags left. So I really had to guard my only flag left to be counted as a survivor.


Outbreak Manila 2 BGC 18

Outbreak Manila 2 : Safe Zone



Continued the run until we reached an area where there were abandoned buses and jeepneys! I should say this was my favorite area, the feel of the area was so realistic! And of course the zombies were really scary! Pieces of flyer scattered on the floor were maps to the upcoming maze. 


Outbreak Manila 2 BGC 28

 Outbreak Manila 2: Oh so real!


 Outbreak Manila 2 BGC 29

 Outbreak Manila 2: Your guide to survive


Outbreak Manila 2 BGC 24

 Outbreak Manila 2: really got scared of her stare.


Outbreak Manila 2 BGC 25

 Outbreak Manila 2: My friend Clarissa hid behind me so they were following us! Scared me to much!


       Outbreak Manila 2 BGC 26    Outbreak Manila 2 BGC 27


Then we got into the maze, where luckily were able to come out in a few seconds! 


Outbreak Manila 2 BGC 31

Outbreak Manila 2: Figuring out the maze!


Finally we are nearing the end of the course. I was already very exhausted. Good thing I met 2 of my friends! Apparently, they were zombies! 😀


Outbreak Manila 2 BGC 32 horz

Outbreak Manila 2: friends as zombies! Tin and Ginger!



This was the last stretch of the course! Well of course, zombies won’t give up on getting flags. So, runners were really chased to the finish! Just like my friend who ran her heart out just to save her life! WE finished with 1 life flags left, I can definitely say that I CONQUERED and SURVIVED OUTBREAK MANILA 2! 😀


Outbreak Manila 2 BGC 35


I really enjoyed the Outbreak! Probably the most tiring run, but definitely FUN! 🙂 Well, partly because it’s something new and because I did it with friends! Hoping for more running events like this!


Outbreak Manila 2 BGC 37


So WHEN IN MANILA, don’t miss out on events like OUTBREAK MANILA 2.. YES it may be tiring, sometimes scary.. but trust me, it’s really FUN and well a once in a lifetime thing to try! 😀 



Outbreak Manila 2 BGC 36



* * *

Outbreak Manila is organized by Recreate Events and brought to you by our official hydration partners, 100 Plus and Summit Water, our venue partner Bonifacio Global City and Boardwalk. In cooperation with Avida Land, our official energy shot Booster C, our official hotel partner F1 Hotel, Mogu Mogu Manila, Burnwater ArtxDesign and our official Make Up Team Makeup Design Academy. Also brought to you by juice.ph, Del Monte Fit n’ Right, Greenwich, Rebisco Fudgee Bar, Cheese Steak Shop Manila, Freshmen, Fitness First, Toby’s Sports, RUNNR, Hawk Bags, Wicked Sauce, Mini Philippines and Symbol Science.



For more information, visit www.outbreakmanila.com


Outbreak Manila 2: Night Run with the Zombies!


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