Our WIMterns answer why they love being WIMterns

Another batch is coming to a close and we’re so excited to welcome another one of fresh-faced creatives to our WIM family! The WIMternship is really such an exciting, fun internship where we let our WIMterns grow and experience new things–from eating delicious food to even traveling around the Philippines!

Throughout their internship, the Batch 4 WIMterns have had so many great experiences. Here are some of the reasons they love being WIMterns!

Neil Vildad

I love being a WiMtern because i get to meet different cool people like the Fab 5 of queer eye or Bryn Imagire of Pixar! I never thought I’d get to meet and talk to these people about things that I am most passionate about but through this internship I got to and I could not be happier!!
Neil is one of our writers but he never stops just there! This WIMternship has also allowed him to exercise his strengths in taking photos, producing videos, and making graphics! Neil is our all-around guy and uses his artistic sensibilities to direct and really bring things together in beautiful ways.

Giorgia Danga

Pinoy showbiz is my guilty pleasure. I literally won’t last a day without reading an article about an artista. Through WhenInManila, I got to rub elbows with celebrities in events like the FAMAS and even got to interview them one on one like Regine Velasquez and Gloc-9 (I can send pics for proof haha).
Giorgia is the picture we think of when we think of “passionate.” She’s got a job already but wanted to really exercise the writer inside her, hence her taking on the WIMternship. Giorgia has shown grace under pressure and a sincerity in all her writing and we’re honored to have featured her passionate articles on our website.

Denisse Co

I like being a WiMtern because it allows me to be exposed to more people in the industry that I want to go in. In event features, I get to learn about the advocacies of the planners and also listen to the experiences of videographers and photographers! Moreover, it allowed me to improve my skills and experience what it’s like to be serving media for a big group of people. At school, we were often sheltered and contricted to the four walls of a classroom but with every WiM meeting or interaction, we WiMterns are able to see what it’s like to work on projects for an actual company.
Denisse is our videography queen. She’s got the skills to be a fantastic videographer and at such a young age! A recent high school graduate, she’s already paving her way to becoming a great artist and we’re so glad that we were able to showcase some of her most creative works. Denisse knows how to have fun and can translate that to her craft.

Kevin Choa

Why I love being a WIMtern: Discovering all the painful truths about what food bloggers actually go through, thanks to hundreds of plates of food and days where I suddenly have to eat a lot
Kevin is our meme guy. A very grounded writer, he gets the facts then spins them around with some wordplay and a nuanced energy to bring his writing to life. Food features or even experiences he’s only ever had for the first time, Kevin is able to put his head down and power through the work he has to do.

Chloe King

I love being a wimterm because i found a second family and it really gave me huge opportunities to build my portfolio and meet new people! I love how we interact with each other during the meeting and during some of the features i get to meet celebrities ♥️
Chloe King, photog queen, is another super flexible member of the photography team as she can try her hand at videos, too! Chloe is another one of our artistically-inclined WIMterns, able to see through the lens for what the subject is and what it could be. Chloe’s always got our backs and has been snapping gorgeous photos all at the same time.

Elena Salazar

Love being a wimtern because it boosts your confidence seeing a lot of people like your work when you thought you weren’t that good (like my recent one on the father’s day comic)! 😀
Elena has been dubbed the milk tea addict by her fellow WIMterns and we have no problem supplying her addiction. Her work has been beautiful and if it’s the result of all that milk tea, we are more than happy to keep encouraging her. Elena is quick on her feet and has an eye for design that says great things about her future.
Check out the comic here!

Jill Bueno

I love being a WIMtern because I am able to do work while doing what I love. I get to meet celebrities, eats lots of food (FOR FREE!), join educational seminars, attend concerts, and of course, work with amazing people through this internship! <3
Jill is one of our youngest baby WIMterns but don’t let her age fool you! She’s got such a good eye and knows how to perfectly balance her graphics. While she’s one of our quieter kids, she definitely knows how to speak through her work. Jill is a hard worker, dedicated to her craft and aware of what she can and can’t do.

Karl Batungbacal

The best thing about this internship, for me, is that I was able to explore my talents in doing interviews with celebrities and having fun while doing it. Probably the best and my most fave feature was with Anne Curtis when I challenged her to a quick game of tongue twisters. She said everything perfectly and I stumbled on the last word (which was pretty embarassing cause I love tongue twisters, especially in Filipino). The rest of the interview went well and allowed me to see her as a person, not just a celebrity. Other interviews I did were with Yeng Constantino, Pepe Smith and Scottie Thompson. Through the WiMternship, I was able to solidify my beliefs in my abilities and it also allowed me to flex my Mr. Congeniality-worthy skills in making new friends (with the WiMterns and the people I talk to during the features).
Karl is the WIMterns Batch 4 tito. Mr. Shoot-your-shot is almost always included in all of the happenings and the conversations within Batch 4 because of how easy he is to get along with. Another multi-talented intern, he has also lent his skills to taking photos. Definitely one of the friendliest WIMterns we’ve ever had!

Mica Acero

I love being a WIMtern because I get the chance to meet so many fun, like-minded individuals from different schools and backgrounds! They become good friends and possible future collaborators. I also love how WIM allows me to have and use my own voice when writing about things I love!
Mica is our sweet, energetic writer from Batch 4. She’s the person we think of when we think of the phrase “game for anything.” Her sunny disposition and her drive have sent her to so many varied features and events and she’s always excited to write about them all. Mica knows how to turn any story into something sincere and fun!
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