Our Kitchen by Manila Catering: Good Quality Food on the Go

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When In Manila, and no time to cook, head to Our Kitchen by Manila Catering to remedy your food needs. Our Kitchen is the first commercial food venture of Manila Catering Services, one of the most trusted catering brands in the country. Born out of the desire of their loyal catering clients to savor their food selections in a regular meal rather than at catering functions, Our Kitchen first opened doors in the office Manila Catering Services at Examiner Street in West Triangle and now has branches in Visayas Ave. and Kapitolyo, Pasig City. Our Kitchen welcomed us at their office for food tasting.



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Our Kitchen’s Mediterranean Salad



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Seafood Paella from Our Kitchen



Our Kitchen welcomed us as first batch of bloggers and writers for food tasting so it was an honor. Without further ado, they served their appetizer of Mediterranean Salad to kick off eating frenzy. The crunch of carameled walnuts and dried tomatoes gave life to the salad which we gobbled up in our hunger. If hunger it is, I love how they serve their Seafood Paella. It’s filled with seafood to the brim and not just seafood bits. If rice and viand in one you are finding, Seafood Paella is recommended.



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Juicy Iberian Chicken from Our Kitchen



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Our Kitchen’s Lengua de Champignon



Iberian Chicken is juicy and tender, infused with flavors from the herbs and spices. It is one of the bestsellers for their food-to-go dishes in Our Kitchen. Usually, two hours notice is required for having the food-to-go dishes. You either pick them up in the office or delivered to you at a minimum order of P1,000 which is within a 5km-radius delivery area from the Our Kitchen branch you ordered from. They also have ready to heat ones like Lengua de Champignon you can buy at anytime and delivered. Though microwaveable, the taste is not compromised since there are no preservatives. They preserve each ready to heat food through blast-freezing immediately after cooked which does not compromise texture while fresh for three months.



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Our Kitchen’s very Sinful Chocolate Cake



In our short but full meal, I got the satisfaction of having a very Sinful Chocolate Cake for dessert, my favorite! Thick chocolate top with a chocolatey cake base as well which makes a chocolate-addict happy. There are dozens of other treats too in their shop so drop by anytime soon to take your pick. Sweet toothed people would surely find their satisfaction at Our Kitchen‘s selections. That Sinful Chocolate Cake up there is free for an order of set meals, not just a slice but a whole cake for your enjoyment.



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When In Manila, lazy to cook but wanting to stay at home and eat good food, drop by Our Kitchen or give them a call. You will surely have a good time enjoying healthy, delicious treats cooked by the expert hands of chefs from Manila Catering Services.



Our Kitchen by Manila Catering


No. 47 Examiner Street, West Triangle, Quezon City

Tel. No.: 8613853

Email: ourkitchen.mcs@gmail.com



When In Manila photos by JoTan23, write-up by República Negrénse.



Our Kitchen by Manila Catering: Good Quality Food on the Go