OMG! Our Favorite TV Living Rooms Have Come to Life!

Have you ever watched a TV show and wished your house could look exactly like that of a fictional character’s? Well, Ikea made everyone’s dreams come true by posting photos on their website of them recreating living rooms from three iconic TV shows we all know and love: The Simpsons, Friends, and Stranger Things.

On the website, the store labels each of them as a “room for families” (The Simpsons), a “room for mates” (Friends), and a “room for everyone” (Stranger Things). While they weren’t able to get everything right down to the small details (because that’s virtually impossible), they got pretty close. Check it out:

The Simpsons’ living room



Monica’s apartment from Friends



Joyce Byer’s living room from Stranger Things



This campaign is only available on the store’s UAE site, targeting customers in the region. However, you can definitely still try to recreate these living rooms and more fictional living spaces on your own if you want to! If they can do it, you definitely can. It just takes a little bit of creativity and a lot of dedication. Put those years of watching home improvement shows to use!

Which iconic TV living room do you want to see recreated?