Our 5 Favorite Songs From Matilda the Musical


Those who grew up in the ’90s are familiar with Matilda, the Roald Dahl book-turned-movie about a young, smart, and telekinetic girl who rights the wrongs at home and at school. The movie celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, and what better way to celebrate it than to hear the announcement that the musical will be adapted in the  Philippines in 2017?

To keep us excited for the premiere of the musical next year, here are our favorite songs:


5. “Bruce”

One of the iconic scenes from Matilda is the young Bruce Bogtrotter eating Miss Trunchbull’s chocolate cake. The moment is played out in the musical through the song “Bruce,” where the kids are cheering him on to finish the whole plate. The kids chant, “You have a worm, Bruce / Or maybe your largeness / Is a bit like a TARDIS / Considerably roomier inside.” It’s such a catchy song that you find yourself cheering for the boy, too.

4. “Miracle”

“Miracle” is the first song from the musical, and sets the tone for the story. It starts with a group of children singing that they are called miracles by their parents. However, the same cannot be said for Matilda Wormwood. Mrs. Wormwood is in the hospital, and she doesn’t even know she’s pregnant. When she and her husband find out that they’re expecting another child, Mr. Wormwood thinks it’s a boy. It’s a sad song disguised with an upbeat tune, and the doctor can sure belt out his lines!

3. “When I Grow Up”

“When I Grow Up” may sound like it’s a child’s song, but it’s a song that even Miss Honey, Matilda’s teacher, can relate to. As a shy and introverted woman, she is bullied by her aunt Miss Trunchbull. The song deals with being strong enough to handle life’s burdens, and it’s so emotional that The Hollywood Reporter said that “only the most chronic misanthrope could fail to get misty-eyed” when hearing this song. Watching it is fun, too!


2. “Revolting Children”

“Revolting Children” is the musical’s closing song, and it’s about the kids taking a stand against Miss Trunchbull. It’s a highly-spirited number, and Bruce Bogtrotter leads the gang, changing the meaning of revolting from “disgusting” to “revolutionary.” It’s a great song to close a great musical, and it will get stuck in your head.


1. “Naughty”

For this writer, “Naughty” is the most powerful song in the musical, and his personal favorite. “Naughty” is Matilda’s song, and deals with the little girl taking a stand in an indifferent home. The lyrics “Just because you find that life’s not fair it / Doesn’t mean that you just have to grin and bear it / If you always take it on the chin and wear it / Nothing will change” is powerful and can be applied to everyday situations.

BONUS: “Matilda Medley” at the 2013 Tony Awards, where the cast sings “Naughty,” “Revolting Children,” and “When I Grow Up”

Matilda the Musical will be staged by Atlantis Theatrical in 2017.

What’s your favorite Matilda song? Share it below!

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