Our 13 favorite responses to Chance the Rapper’s “Wala” tweet

Filipino Twitter kinda broke when Chance the Rapper tweeted “WALA” in all caps just yesterday, catching us all by surprise.

The tweet in question:

People were quick to retweet or reply their own takes and, of course, some of them were hilarious. I’m all about funny Twitter exchanges. So here are a few of my favorite responses.

Thank you, Titas of Manila.

Extra allowance isn’t happening, I guess.

Timely with all this weather!

Good meme.

I bet cashiers are stressed constantly. 🙁

Dropping some truth bombs, ouch.

Another truth bomb. :'(

Family reunions. Sigh.

A classic.


Please don’t pressure me. :'(

I don’t wanna answer this question. Next!

Sad reacts.

Any other responses you saw that made you laugh? Let us know!


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