Orlando Bloom Is Already Thinking About Having Kids With Katy Perry

Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry just got engaged last February and they already have babies on the mind. This celebrity couple may not have concrete plans set for walking down the aisle just yet, but they seem very sure of their future together — and it’s a future that includes kids.

orlando bloom katy perry children

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Bloom was pretty open on the subject when asked on Howard Stern’s Howard 100 if he was considering having any more children. He candidly replied that, “We are shooting for that. It’s like this wild mustang. If we can just wrangle this beast and get on it, we’ll have the ride of our life.”

Based on his choice of words, Bloom seems quite excited to embark on this new adventure with Perry. However, his response to questions of their imminent wedding hint that the couple may not be as far along in planning their life together as we think.

When addressing rumors that the 2020 wedding would take place in Disneyland, Bloom showed that they might not even have a venue in mind yet. “That would be a very good option,” he admitted. “[Katy] loves Disneyland more than anything else.”

I think what this tells us is that while the couple may hypothetically be ready for parenthood, they’re taking their time to get there. They are simply sure of each other, and their desire to have kids with one another.

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