The Original ‘Charmed’ Sisters Will Be Reuniting on TV!

Who doesn’t miss the original ‘Charmed’ sisters?

I used to watch ‘Charmed’ religiously back in the 90s, and had always loved their trio. To refresh your memory, the ‘Charmed’ sisters were played by Shannon Doherty, Holly Marie Combs, and Alyssa Milano. Well, it looks like two of the Halliwell sisters will be reuniting on TV!

As part of ABC’s recently announced ‘Cast From the Past Week’, Holly (who played Piper Halliwell on the show) and Alyssa (who played Phoebe Halliwell on the show) will be playing sisters once again, but this time on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’.


In the special episode, which will air on October 10, 2019, Holly and Alyssa’s characters need to decide whether they should take their third sister off of life support after being declared ‘brain dead’ after a construction site accident. We don’t think Shannon will be the third sister, though; but it would have been awesome if she was.

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Were you a fan of ‘Charmed’ back in the day, as well? Any thoughts on the reboot?