Orient Pearl: One Night Only


“Orient Pearl is scheduled to perform again on November 14, 2015 at Music hall. The show is not a comeback type of show but a simple reunion of the group and relive the era when their original songs hit the chart’s no. 1 spot. It is not meant to “test the waters” but rather to share once more the kind of music that the band had written and released during the 90s, and showcase again their musicality.”

“In 1993, a group of young college students who were all musically inclined decided to put together a group where they can display their musicality as an Alternative Rock Band, and called themselves as “ORIENT PEARL”, short for the Pearl of the Orient which is the sobriquet of the Philippines. They started to perform in several bars within Metro Manila and with less than a year in the band scene, an Album Producer noticed the potential of the group. A recording contract was offered through Ivory Records and the Band’s first album was born. Orient Pearl’s debut album was a huge success with the song “Pagsubok” hitting the top of the charts. Another single was released, “Kasalanan”, which also was a hit. Orient Pearl’s first album reached “Double Platinum” and succeeding albums were released thereafter. The last that we heard hitting the charts was “Cry in the Rain”, and soon after, the group decided to lay low and each of the members decided to take different path outside the music industry.”

After several years of absence in the band scene, many of the band’s followers were asking…

“Where are these guys? “

“When can we hear them play again?”

“Can they not play again even for just one show?”


There is indeed a clamor to see the band perform again, and because of these, we J-LEN BRIGHTVIEW PRODUCTIONS& EQUIPMENT SERVICES decided to produce “Orient Pearl… One Night Only”… The band’s Reunion Show which is planned to be held at Musichall Bar at Metrowalk, Pasig City, on November 14, 2015

Other Media Partners: Pulp & Radio Republic

Tickets are now available for P300 @ Musichall Bar, Metrowalk, Pasig City or they can text me @ 09985120225